Happy St. Patricks Day From Michell Consulting Group!

Michell Consulting Group would like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We want you to have a safe holiday but have a lot of fun as well! Check out these 3 quick St Patrick’s Day facts you probably didn’t know:

  • St Patrick wasn’t Irish. He was born to Roman citizens living in England around 385AD, but was taken to Ireland as a slave when he was just 14. The first St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1737.
  • St Patrick’s color was blue, not green. Several artwork of the saint shows him dressed in blue, leading the color to be associated with St Patrick’s Day. But later on, green began to be associated with the day after Ireland adopted green as its national color. Also, popular Irish legend has it that fairies wore green. This is one of the reasons why adults eat, wear and drink green on St Patrick’s Day.
  • St Patrick’s Day was actually a dry day.  St Patty’s Day was initially classified as a religious holiday in Ireland, meaning, no alcohol was available to the public. But in 1970, it was changed into a national holiday and pubs and other watering hole was allowed to be remain open on 17 March.

Do you have any St Patrick’s Day facts you’d like to share? Fire away!