Why You Should Hire an IT Support Provider in Miami to Handle Your Network Security

Inadequate network security can expose you to many serious risks. Some major companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Target and Equifax were all hit due to the inadequate security of their network. As a business owner, you need to be concerned. Fact that such big brands could easily be breached by hackers, you, too, can be hit. Hackers indiscriminately attack firms, and of late, they have been focusing on small to medium firms because they know that some of these businesses are not prioritizing their network security. Be careful not to join the list of firms that will be hacked due to inadequate network security. Working with a good IT support provider in Miami offering network security solutions will help you achieve the following:

Keep Your Employees Safe as They Work Remotely

If you have employees, you can allow them access to your corporate network from their remote locations. This means that your employees need not come to your business premises to access the network and do their work; they can do that remotely. Clearly, this has many benefits; key among them is the fact that their productivity will improve. However, remote access can also expose your network to hackers, especially if employees access the network through unsafe public Wi-Fi. Good news though, your IT support provider in Miami can keep an eye on your network and deny access to any hacker trying to hack through your employee’s internet connection.

Reduce the Costs Related to Downtime

With a good network security company watching your system, you will rest assured that any threats to your network security will be arrested on time and addressed so that your system can continue operating optimally and with near zero chances of downtime.

Increase in Clients’ Confidence

The many hacks and data leakage hitting the corporate world has seen most of the affected companies losing clients due to loss of confidence by the clients. Clients often give their personal information, including sensitive information, to firms with the hope that these will be kept safe and away from any third parties. When this information is leaked or stolen, client confidence gets eroded which might cause them to stop doing business with your firm.

Complying with the Set Government Regulations

Regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, and SOX require businesses to ensure that their clients’ information is kept safe. Ignoring the regulations can see your firm suffer hefty penalties from the regulators.
An excellent IT support provider in Miami like Michell Consulting Group can help secure your firm. Contact us now.