A Step into Your Company’s Future Success

With each passing year, online shoppers are demanding more. Whether your company is a manufacturer or distributor of products, your customers are expecting you to deliver more convenience, information, and services. Offering an attractive and complete online catalog may have carried the day a few years ago. But now your customers want a higher level of service, such as in-depth product information, a more intuitive and capable search experience, personalization, easy order entry, and shipment tracking. And many companies must provide enhanced e-commerce services on a global basis, taking into account a variety of currency, tax, and cultural differences. Lucky for you, Infor Storefront is here to help you do just that buy allowing you to achieve the best fit solutions for your company.

Leverage Experience

Infor ERP Storefront’s state-of-the-art web foundation is designed to provide a world-class shopping experience on both B2C and B2B websites. Featuring a robust catalogue with advanced searching, order entry, tracking, and account maintenance capabilities, Infor ERP Storefront delivers the capabilities distributors and manufacturers need to automate selling, servicing, and sourcing. The solution has deep customer personalization features, such as custom shopping lists and wish lists, which help convince users that your website is best at meeting their needs.

Get Business Specific

To help distributors and manufacturers keep pace with demands for more advanced e-commerce services, Infor has enhanced ERP Storefront with improved performance, scalability, customization, search capabilities, and overall user experience. Customers can now scale components across several servers for better performance in environments with a high user count or high product count.

The new version of Infor ERP Storefront has increased caching to minimize database access, and features an optimized data structure to improve performance and ensure data integrity. The application is Java-based and uses XML transactions, making maintenance, upgrades, and product customization less expensive.