Invent New Possibilities with Game-Changing In-Memory Software

Why wait for old-fashioned data analysis? Tap into huge volumes of detailed information as events unfold with the SAP HANA platform.

This combination of powerful in-memory software and leading SAP partner hardware can help you query multiple types of data sources – at speeds and in volumes like never before.
SAP runs the SAP HANA platform to deliver real-time business value for our lines of business. SAP is using SAP HANA internally to run bolder, simpler, and smarter in the areas of sales forecasting, profitability analysis, and workforce planning.
Make smarter decisions – faster – with real-time insights. Accelerate key business processes with rapid analysis and reportingInvent new business models and processes by leveraging innovative solutions. Reduce TCO with less hardware, maintenance, and testing.
A demo during a keynote presentation, presented a scenario in which this solution for small businesses calls on the full gamut of SAP HANA’s capabilities. A sales manager can use free-text search, analytics, and transactions to find, analyze, and initiate an order process – all in a matter of seconds and running on a system as small as a Mac mini.
But it’s not just small businesses that can take advantage of SAP HANA’s OLTP capabilities. The real deal is coming later this year when SAP ERP is slated to run on it.