IT Services in Miami: The Merits of Desktop Virtualization

Virtual desktop solutions certainly sound complicated, yet there is no need to be intimidated. Our IT services team in Miami is here to help you make the most of this technology. Here is a quick look at how desktop virtualization can help businesses of all varieties in a number of important ways:

Desktop Virtualization Permits On-the-Go Access to Applications

Virtual desktop solutions are the separation of the desktop and accompanying hardware from local devices. The information is stored in the cloud or on a server as opposed to an on-site device. Desktop virtualization is revered by users across the globe as it is nowhere near as troublesome to maintain. This technology makes it easy to work from home and elsewhere. Give desktop virtualization a try and you will find it makes your entire team that much more efficient. There will no longer be a need for employees to bring their computers home and constantly connect to the server through a VPN.

Desktop Virtualization is Comparably Secure

There is a common misconception that desktop virtualization is risky as it does not rely on local devices. The truth is this technology is quite secure, especially when implemented with the assistance of our IT services team in Miami. All data is stored in a safe manner. Highly sensitive data is centrally managed to minimize the chances of a loss. Furthermore, the application of software updates is that much easier with desktop virtualization. There is no need to save information to discs, making it that much less likely confidential information will be accessed by malicious parties.

Enhanced Flexibility

Your team requires access to myriad software programs, file directories, and other important information. There is no sense uploading software packages to on-site machines when it is possible to access applications on the server with a couple clicks through desktop virtualization.

Enhanced Productivity and Decreased Costs

The typical personal computer has comparably long repair cycles that spur delays and ultimately cost money. It is better to perform a virtual configuration that takes a few minutes as opposed to a few hours. This way, end users are provided with access to the same data and apps at any location or time. Opt for a virtualized environment and you will find your IT costs, purchasing costs, capital costs, and even your energy bills decrease.
Is the lack of IT expertise holding your business back? If you are even slightly suspicious your business is at a competitive disadvantage, you will benefit from our IT services in Miami. At Michell Consulting Group, we provide IT solutions, ERP software solutions, onsite IT support, remote desktop support, and more. Contact us today!