IT Services in Miami: The Real Cost of Downtime for Businesses

By now, you must have heard that downtime is costly to businesses. The question is, how costly is it? Have you ever considered computing the real cost of downtime to your business? If your answer is no, then perhaps you should stop everything that you are doing and consider the real cost of downtime to your business. IT services experts in Miami have noticed that most business owners consider loss in some productive hours as the only cost of downtime. This is wrong. Here, we present some of the ways in which downtime can be injurious to your business:

Customer Loss

You need to appreciate the fact that today’s customer is a very impatient buyer whose desire is to have their needs met at a click of a mouse. Supposing a repeat or potential customer visits your site and finds its down, you risk losing this customer to your competitor.

Irreparable Brand Damage

Imagine a customer submits his or her card details then your site goes down. Out of frustration, this customer goes online via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to vent their brand experience. Do you know what will follow? Others who have had a similar experience, either in the present or in the past, will contribute to the debate leaving you with a brand image that is irreparably damaged.

Loss of Productivity

IT services experts in Miami advise companies on how to deal with IT-related losses. Loss of productivity is one that most of them have complained about. Whenever a company’s IT system is down, both their customers and employees are inconvenienced. Employees are inconvenienced in that they cannot access the network they need to do their work. When this happens, the firm might be forced to incur costs in terms of paying employees overtime to catch up with their work.

Possible Lawsuits

When downtime adversely impacts a customer or customers serviced by the firm, these customers might seek litigation and get compensated for the losses they might have incurred.

How to Deal with Downtime

Some of the causes of downtime can be said to be man-made, while others are caused by the forces of nature. For you to enjoy uninterrupted business continuity, you will need to partner with an IT services provider in Miami dedicated to ensuring that you are protected from downtime losses. At Michell Consulting Group, we are committed to ensuring that our clients enjoy continued business operation. Contact us now for more information.