IT Support in Miami: The Difference between Legit and Fraudulent Websites

The evolution of the internet and IT support services in Miami have brought forth very convenient means in the way people shop, bank, or interact with others around the world. Consequently, the same evolution has also opened up new avenues for criminals to rob off any unsuspecting user. Today, the internet is full of websites that are either fraudulent, fake or a scam. Securing services and products online is not so easy, as cybercriminals devise new and more convincing ways to trick the users into handing over financial and other sensitive personal information. This begs the question of whether you can tell the difference between a legit and fraudulent site. Here are ways to determine a fake website:

Check the Security Status of the Site

The first step to determining a legit site is checking the address bar for the security status. A secure site has a green padlock icon or a green address bar. You can go further and click on the padlock to confirm the security details.

Check the Connection Indicators

Still, in the address bar, you can determine the connection type. Any communication via HTTP can be stolen, manipulated, or intercepted. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. Thus, you should desist from giving your personal information or making any payments on an HTTP website.

Examine the Website’s URL

A typical URL consists of three sections namely:

  • the connection type – HTTP or httpss
  • the domain name – e.g. michellgroup
  • the extension -like .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov

Some indicators of a fraudulent site on the URL include:

  • Many dashes and symbols in the domain name
  • Imitation of legitimate businesses on the domain name
  • Domain extension like .biz and .info tend to be illegitimate most of the time

Check Out for Grammar Mistakes

Any IT support provider in Miami can tell you that legit websites take precaution when it comes to their content and layout. If you spot bad grammar or a poor layout of the page, you should question its credibility

Over-Abundance of Ads

Beware a site that pops up too many ads. Some of which cover the whole page or redirect you to another page, or some that are too explicit.

Use Google

You can use Google reviews to tell if the site is reliable.

Check the Contact Us Section

The contact us page can help you determine secure sites. Legit websites will have as much contact information including phone numbers.
Do not wait to be sorry. The above precautions should prevent you from falling victim of fraudulent sites. To learn more about identifying fraudulent and legit sites, reach out to IT support experts in Miami at Michell Consulting Group.