IT Support Experts in Miami: Employees Are the Biggest Cyber Threat Today

Beware of the cyber threat posed by your employees. That bit of advice comes from IT support experts in Miami.
Your network is locked down with the latest cybersecurity. You have state-of-the-art monitoring in place to detect the slightest hint of a hacker attack. Your IT staff are up to date on the latest cyber threats. With all of this, you would think that your company was safe from cyber attacks.
You would be wrong.
Your employees are the biggest danger to your company’s cybersecurity. Most data breaches and security events happen due to a company’s employees.

Inconvenience Makes a Difference

Employees will work around security measures. It’s simply human nature to want to complete a task quickly with as little frustration as possible. If an employee finds it frustrating to have to log in to a file sharing system multiple times a day, that person is more likely to keep copies of often-used documents on their work PC where a breach is more likely to occur.

Lack of Understanding

Employees don’t understand cybersecurity risks. Cybersecurity isn’t intuitive to many people outside of IT. They simply don’t have the training or experience to recognize potential threats.
Training in how to spot threats and how to address them is critical for employees at all levels, according to IT support experts in Miami. It’s also important to have clear guidelines in regards to cybersecurity and clear consequences for breaching those guidelines.

Targeting Human Fallibilities

Employees are easy targets for social engineering. One of the simplest ways for a hacker to gain access to your systems is by using social engineering tactics against your employees.
A common example is someone calling and claiming to be from tech support. Your employee doesn’t think to question this and allows this person to gain remote access to the desktop PC. Another example is an email that looks to be from a legitimate source but is really from a hacker.

Humans Will Be Human

Employees are human and will make mistakes. Security measures often require employees to take certain steps such as to encrypt or password-protect a document. In the rush of getting things done, the employee may forget one of the security measures. The only way to avoid this is to make security as easy as possible for the employee.
The good news is that the human risk factor can be minimized and mitigated with training. If you need assistance with bringing your employees up to speed on cybersecurity, contact us at Michell Consulting Group. We are the IT support experts Miami companies can trust with their cybersecurity needs.