IT Support in Miami: The Importance of Network Security Assessment

In today’s business world, corporations rely heavily on business networks, and chances are that your company is among those that extensively use business networks in the day to day running of operations. However, it may strike you as odd to learn that some firms are not keen on adhering to safe and efficient IT networking habits. This is a serious problem, considering the risks associated with the Internet. In this article, IT support experts in Miami explain why you should conduct periodic network security assessments:

What is Network Security Assessment?

Simply put, this is an audit that is conducted with the primary aim of finding vulnerabilities in your corporate network. It is a preventive measure aimed at ensuring that vulnerabilities are discovered and dealt with long before they can spread and cause a serious harm to your network.

What are the Main Types of Network Security Assessments?

Before tasking your IT support team in Miami to conduct a network security assessment on your corporate network, you should specify the kind of assessment you need to be done. There are two types of network security assessment:

  • Vulnerability assessment – This is aimed at checking your network from inside and outside to produce reports which will show the weaknesses in your network. Accompanying this will be an advice on how to deal with the vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration testing – This goes deeper than the vulnerability assessment. It covers vulnerability assessment and goes deeper by conducting social, external, and internal testing to check for weak links in your IT system. The result of this test is to seal loopholes that hackers can exploit to deploy attack to your network.

What are the Goals of Network Security Assessment

The primary goals of network security assessment include:

  • Discovering vulnerabilities in the internal and external entry points
  • Testing the viability and ability of network defenders to spot and respond to threats
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities in database, file, and application servers

Why Do You Need Network Security Assessment?

Network security assessment is important because:

  • It can reveal vulnerabilities, allowing your IT team to prevent them from infecting your whole network
  • It can protect your critical corporate data from theft
  • It can help you to stay compliant with regulatory requirements for data safety and security.
  • It can shield you from losses that arise from system breakdown

So, network security assessment is an important process that you should consider investing in. At Michell Consulting Group, we are an IT support provider in Miami specialized in helping businesses stay safe online. Contact us now for more information.