Key Facts Shared by a Leading IT Services Provider in Miami About MDM

There are many IT-related challenges that small to medium businesses owners continue to face. Key among this is choosing the right technology or solution to implement for their businesses. Today, there are many apps that have been developed to be used with mobile phones. You might be asking: so what? Well, bearing in mind that most firms are now implementing or contemplating the implementation of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies at the workplace, it will be very important for you to guard your corporate network against vulnerabilities that can easily be introduced through these employee-owned devices. An IT services provider in Miami has this to say about the use of MDM to safeguard your network:

What is MDM?

MDM is an acronym for mobile device management. It is a software that allows you, the business owner, or an authorized employee to control and enforce your firm’s BYOD on employees’ tablets and smartphones. All your employees need to do is to download and install the MDM client application on their smartphones. Your IT administrator or a technician from your IT services provider in Miami will be able to access all the enrolled gadgets and enforce the BYOD on them via a centralized MDM portal.

Who Needs an MDM?

Well, at first glance, you can easily conclude that the whole process sounds complex and might be wondering if it is for your small business. If you or your employees use your gadgets to access your firm’s corporate network, then be rest assured, you need to implement an MDM system immediately.

What Can an MDM Do?

There are many things that an MDM can do. Its primary function is to secure your corporate network. This is done by:

  • Enforcing policies on tablets and smartphones
  • Defining access rules restricting employee’s access to certain parts of the corporate network
  • In case of a breach, the technician can block the devices and do a test to determine the one that is at risk.

Features of a Good MDM

  • Should be fully managed and monitored on a 24/7 basis
  • Should be cloud-based to ease updates and patches
  • Must have restore and backup functionalities
  • Should allow geofencing to restrict access
  • Should be scalable to accommodate new users
  • Must allow for remote monitoring and password blacklist

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