Leave IT to the Professionals

For small and medium businesses, attempting to fix your own computer issues can do more harm than good. It may seem like having to pay for IT services is an unnecessary expense, especially when you have a somewhat tech savvy employee who seems to know what they are doing. It may be an expense now, but it will save you thousands of dollars in time and money in the long run.
For example, one member of an accounting firm works on an average of 5 accounts in a day. Clients are billed at $300.00/hr. This includes time and materials. At a total of 8 billable hours, this firm generates $2,400.00 per employee. As an accounting firm, they rely heavily on computers. There is accounting software, intra-office communication, e-mails with clients, legal documents and more. If any part of the computer network is down, so is productivity.
Just as your company is focused on being the best in the field, Michell Consulting Group is driven to provide the very best practices and bring value to your business through IT. By attempting to fix computer errors without the proper training, there is a risk that a simple issue may escalate to a pricey, time-consuming one. Small and medium businesses cannot afford to lose a day or more’s worth of business, especially on something that could have been repaired quickly.
By having a technician from an IT provider like Michell Consulting Group available to contact in the event of a computer-related problem, all focus can remain on your business, where it belongs. A tech specializes in fixing things like server authorizations, patching the firmware on your firewall software and router, ensuring Windows Updates happen on all of the servers and workstations, troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death errors, or any of the thousands of additional routine IT pain-points that plague a company each day.
The bottom line is: Whenever you spend the day concentrating on fixing your computer, printer or other IT-based problem, you’re losing money. Regardless of what kind of business you own, when your computer system is not functioning properly, you are out both time and money.
By contacting a reputable IT firm like Michell Consulting Group, the issue could have been resolved quickly or possibly even avoided. A good IT company understands that downtime equals a HUGE loss in your company’s productivity, revenue, and finances. We want to see our Miami clients succeed and generate revenue and grow.
Next time your company suffers from an IT issue, do the math, and call Michell Consulting Group at P-305-592-5433 and we’ll take care of your technology issues so you and your staff can keep focusing on your business.