Lost Phone? Time for Plan B

Losing your smartphone can be a blood-chilling experience. The rush of worry, followed by the frantic dash around the last couple of places you’ve been searching high and low for your phone when you thought you put it in your pocket. The slow, creeping fear that your phone has been stolen before you could return to the place you left it. Well, for Android OS users, they now have a backup plan.
“Plan B” by Lookout Mobile Security, gives you the ability to find your phone whether it’s been lost or stolen. By downloading the app to your phone after it has been lost/stolen, it will email the G-mail account attached to the phone with the approximate location of the phone within 100 meters. “Plan B” is one of many products designed by Lookout Mobile Security. Lookout features a whole suite of mobile security tools for Windows Mobile OS, Android, and for Blackberry OS.
“Plan B” can be handy in a pinch, especially for businesses that provide business smartphones for their employees, but shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of your mobile security. If your business uses Microsoft Exchange, you can be sure that sensitive information does not get released. By having certain security policies with Microsoft Exchange you can enable the ability wipe an entire phone remotely, so in case one does get lost you can make sure that internal business information isn’t accidently released.
While “Plan B” is a last resort for security with your Android smartphone, there are many other mobile security apps available. Lookout Mobile Security also features a security suite app that has several different features including the features of “Plan B”; there are also other security apps available on the Android Market.