Managed IT Services in Miami: Celebrating Halloween and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Celebrating and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a fun way for your business and managed IT services team in Miami to spread knowledge about data protection. Not only is it a reminder to all staff members to be on the lookout for suspicious emails, but it also opens up a forum for new ideas on how to block hackers from haunting your network.

Inspect for Bugs

Computer bugs are among the most chilling creatures you can find in a network environment. Your managed IT services team in Miami should run an audit assessment on your infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities. They can also take proactive measures to prevent horrifying bugs and their digital cobwebs from invading your space with 24/7 monitoring software. Furthermore, keeping all your software updated will help make it run more smoothly.

Don’t Let Employees Be Zombies

Remind employees that simple passwords like “vampire” and “werewolf” are easy for hackers to crack. Yet millions of absent-minded zombies across the land still use them, accidentally facilitating shadowy creeps to infect systems with malware and ransomware.
It’s better to create long, strange hard to read alphanumeric passwords. Instead of “Frankenstein,” for example, you should mix in characters that make it look more like a complex code that not even a secret agent can crack. After mixing in odd characters, a password such as “F1ra$nk6ns#te8in” would be considered strong.
Zombies can also unleash evil by letting impersonators disguise themselves as trusted brands or friends. The most common way that hackers are able to gain access to a business network is posing as someone else then getting an employee to click an attachment that is really a malicious link.

Ending the Horror

One of the most reliable ways to keep cybercriminals from breaching your system or corrupting your files is to have your IT team back up all your files and store copies on backup servers. So even if your system is attacked, you will still be able to restore your files.
Ideally, the most secure solution for logins comprises virtualization, firewalls and multi-factor authentification. By using an additional identifier besides a password, you can make it much more frustrating for hackers to target your network. An encrypted key as a second credential is exceptionally difficult for cybercriminals to penetrate.


Organizations can participate in National Halloween Cybersecurity Awareness Month by joining a Twitter chat on October 18th at 3pm EST. This chat through the @FTC and the #ChatSTC hashtag will inform business leaders and managed IT services providers in Miami about the most secure cybersecurity strategies for protecting data. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group to learn more about keeping your digital assets secure from cyberspooks.