How Managed IT Services Providers in Miami Audit Your Infrastructure

One of the keys to cutting waste and unnecessary maintenance costs when it comes to business computing is to outsource managed IT services in Miami. Not only does working with experienced technical experts fix your problems quickly, it can improve your entire infrastructure so that it runs like a fine-tuned machine. Here are the benefits of a network audit your IT team can provide:

Purpose of an Audit

Many businesses never audit their systems and learn to live with slowdowns, glitches, and bugs that interfere with business continuity. By thinking past this philosophy of tight spending at the expense and risk of compromised performance, you can save money in the long run. If you catch problems early, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars on maintenance that can be put into marketing or other areas.
A network audit allows your IT specialists to learn your system so that it becomes easier to fix problems down the road. The audit gives them a full view of your infrastructure so that they can identify where vulnerabilities exist. Sometimes fixing these problems is just a matter of replacing an old component. Sometimes problems are resolved simply by updating the software or applying security patches.

Steps of a Network Audit

Your managed IT services provider in Miami may have their own way of conducting an audit, but chances are it’s a variation of the following procedures:

  • Make sure data flow is not disrupted
  • Identify and resolve network bottlenecks
  • Check hardware to make sure it’s free of vulnerabilities
  • Apply software patches for security flaws

It’s important to understand that new cyber threats appear every day. That’s why the best IT teams use remote 24/7 monitoring software to make sure their clients aren’t being stalked by hackers. If you have a large infrastructure, it definitely helps to have IT experts routinely audit your system, which reduces the chances of a surprise breach. What’s great about high quality IT teams is that they keep up-to-date with the latest cybercrime news and new technology.
Through an audit, your IT team can point out old hardware or software that needs to be replaced. Old systems become more vulnerable with age, which is why hackers target them.


Working with a skilled managed IT services provider in Miami is one of the building blocks to success in the modern business world. Another strategic step is to have your IT team audit your network so that they can improve upon weaknesses. Audits also help you demystify and evaluate IT services. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group to learn more about how we can streamline your network and make it as efficient as possible.