The Life You Live When You Are Manning The Help Desk

By Michael Holly
I always try to get to the customer before they have waited too long. (Too long is relative term and is based on how busy the customer is and how important their task at hand is.) It is not always possible to answer every call when the customer calls in without having to call a few of them back.
When I talk with the customer, I try to put then at ease about the issue and let them know I will have it fixed as soon as I can get connected with them. As most customer’s know, there are simple issues to fix and complex issues. I know I am happy with the customers who have learned to call when they first find the problem and not after they try and fix it by running and updating, that register. It is always easier to fix the issue before it posts to a dozen files.
With over 20 years of Help desk experience on the FACTS application, I have seen most of the issues before (I still get surprised by new issues). I know if we can duplicate the problem, we can fix the problem. Some issues just do not happen in areas where we can tell why they happen. This is one reason I try and put the customer at as ease when I talk with them. The Customer is much more willing to tell me what they did before the error, if they are not afraid to talk with me. Believe me, I really do not care what you did to cause the error, the system should not have let you do it. The application should have stopped you before it allowed the error. It is always a system problem, because the system should never let you enter or create an error. Users are just good at finding those errors and mistakes in the application.
I do know that with every release of FACTS over that last several years the application has become more and more stable. (Yes it gets errors, every application does.) I do know that the tools we have available to us now are growing more sophisticated and useful.
The bottom line, Never be afraid to call for help. That is what we are here for. Sometimes we ask “stupid” questions, but we are trying to figure out why you received the error.
If you are a customer, I appreciate your patronage, and I always want to treat you as if you are the only customer I have. I know that in this day and age, the best sales tool I have, is you, my customer! If I provide you with support above and beyond what you expect, you will tell your friends and colleagues.