Established in 1998, the Michell Consulting Group strives to support Miami area clients with their technology problems so they can get the most value from their systems. Our technicians understand how costly downtime can be to your business, therefore our primary focus is to prevent problems before they arise to ensure business productivity and continuity.

When problems arise, Michell routes emergency calls immediately to highly experienced techncians in our office, if an on-site visit is required, thanks to our central Miami location, we are already nearby! All of Michell’s systems and processes are geared toward getting the IT services solution you require as soon as problems you come up for your company in Miami. Contact us to learn more ways the Michell Consulting Group can help your company (305) 592-5433



“Our pro-active approach to IT Services in Miami is ideally suited for companies who depend on reliable IT infrastructure, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep it that way.”

Ricardo Michell, President
Michell Consulting Group, Inc.

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Do You Have Trusted IT Support Provider You Can Count On For Your Business In The Miami?

The Michell Group, Inc. is a reliable IT company you can count on to make your technology run smoothly, increase productivity, and contain costs. Let Michell become your trusted IT Services advisor.

Proven Track Record
Founded in 1998, we have been providing IT Services in the Orange County area for over 20 years. Here are references from satisfied customers convincing you why you'll want to switch to Michell for all your IT Services and service needs:

Michell Can Save You Money
Everyone knows that server and network downtime costs money. Michell’s systematic approach to IT support really does save money. Over the years, Michell has learned how to spot and improve IT infrastructure mistakes and problems that lower productivity and create problems for end users.

Find out how Michell’s unique IT Services plan can save your company money by calling (3052) 592-5011.

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First Name
“We knew we had to change our old system. We also knew that choosing the wrong partner would be a costly and time consuming affair. The people at Michell Consulting Group held our hand through the entire process, from the migration and conversion of the data all the way to closing out the first month on the new system. From beginning to end, they covered all the bases. That’s what I call professionalism and customer centered.”

John Grable Exports

Fort. Lauderdale, Fl.
“Michell is always timely in their responses and they work until the problem is resolved.”

-Teri Thompson

Waterland Supply Co., Inc.
“Very helpful and solved the problem quickly. Even stayed on the phone to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. Great customer service!!”

Samantha Foght, Advenir, Inc

“Response time is excellent, staff is knowledgeable and resolves issues in a very timely manner. Excellent service!”

David Wolf

Herman ProAV, Inc.

The Michell Group Makes You More Efficient

When your company meets Michell's standards you, too, will enjoy the benefits of a reliable and robust server and network environment. We offer premise-based and cloud systems that help you improve your IT systems and your bottom line. Michell’s IT Support best practices create reliable network and Windows server environments that keep your employees productivity up so they can better server your customers.

We Have Technical Expertise

Michell has been servicing clients in the Miami area for years and ALL of our technicians are full-time employees experienced in every area of networking. When you hire us for ANY project, you expect it to be done right; our work is guaranteed.

“I feel that they are like a family who is always there when you need them. When we call with any questions, they are always quick to reply and solve our concerns within the first day. Reliability has never been an issue. With this recommended system we have been able to reach our goals… Michell Consulting has allowed us to exceed our expectations by increasing our productivity and performance.”

Marilyn Vazquez, President

High Top Products
“The Michell Team provided us with a world-class system, more importantly, (they were) the business expertise and experience they brought to us. The implementation process was smooth, on time, and on budget; furthermore helping our company to streamline processes, improve customer service and distribute our products more efficiently.”

Priscilla Cha Fong, Controller

Kingston-Miami Trading Co.
“Our main warehouse offices burnt down along with the entire computer system. Ricardo Michell was here that same morning problem solving with staff and installing new hardware in an adjacent warehouse that allowed us not to have to close our business. Medina Baking Products is grateful to the entire team at MCG and look forward to doing business with them for many more years.”

Robert Martin, President

Medina Baking & Powder Products
“Helping our Company adjust in changing times! We at Complete Framer’s Supply are fortunate to have Michell Consulting and their team on “our team”! As we continue to grow and change the way we do business and ensure profitability for CFS we depend on Michell Consulting to make suggestions and implement changes we request. Very recently Sissy Esquivel (who handles all of our programming changes) was able to create a complex program within a program for CFS. Working on our old Compass Platform is not easy, but due to the myriad of customizations we have done, we are happy staying on Compass. Stability counts for a lot when you are making your customers and employees happy! In my opinion and after using this platform for 16 years, Sissy is the best we have ever encountered! Sissy’s intuition and ability to understand the “mission” are unparalleled in my experience with Compass! When we are thinking “no; that will never work” Sissy has always been able to work through and complete what it takes to get us to exactly where we want to be! Thank you Sissy and everyone at Michell for your good service and caring. We depend on you and we’re glad you are there for us!”

Complete Framers Supply

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

We Are Responsive

During business hours, Michell clients always get a live person on the phone. Of course, we also respond via email, but it is good to know that when you really need to talk to someone about an urgent technical or IT services issue, we will be there to talk with you. After hours the Michell Group has live network engineers who can respond via our night hotline or live Chat on our site. Michell is one of the few IT Services Providers In Miami that has 24 hour coverage from our network operations center.

We Offer Pro-active Support

Michell uses Tailored Managed Services software Technology to proactively monitor and mitigate issues on your servers and network. the Michell Group is working 24/7 to proactively provide IT support to our Miami area clients. Our tailored packages and managed IT Services Platform are one of the reasons our client sites are so stable. Learn more about how our tailored Miami IT Support can make your IT environment more reliable by calling 302-529-3700

Michell Reduces Downtime and Provides Backup Systems that Really Work

Michell Uses state-of-the-art tools to keep your networks up and running with great people who are ready to jump on any IT support problem in order to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.


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