Michell Consulting Group Reduces Tradewinds' Annual IT Expense by 46.3%

Results of the Michell Team’s Sentinel Managed Services
Tradewinds now has an entire support staff with a wide range of technology expertise and experience. The IT Manager can sleep at night, because he has the Michell team helping with his multi-location network, ensuring 100% uptime, and providing high-level technical expertise when needed. The executives at Tradewinds are able to rely on a long term support team and not worry about IT staff attrition. The existing IT Manager can now focus on more strategic tasks vs the day to day support issues. Tradewinds employees are able to access support quicker and more efficiently than ever before. MCG has provided Tradewinds with a way to centrally manage and support its entire infrastructure and has ensured it is secured and running efficiently. The Michell Team also implemented an enterprise solution to back-up the entire backbone of the company, the technical infrastructure with its data, and replicate that data offsite.