The Mobile Revolution – Be Prepared

“Is your organization secure? I don’t mean from a content or access perspective: I mean, is it well-positioned for the future? Do the organization and visionaries make effective plans for secure transitions to new business models, allied enablement’s, products, services, and deliveries?”
Anyone can stumble. Let’s consider a high-profile example: Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on January 19th. This, in spite of anticipating and trying to make adjustment from film to digital imaging. One has to ask: If a company like Kodak, with its deep financial and personnel resources, can stumble and go bankrupt, can the future impact my organization in a similar way? What is it that we need to be anticipating and doing… right now… in holding a “Kodak outcome” at bay?
Innovation expert Scott Anthony, author of The Little Black Book of Innovation says, “Even an insightful company can go wrong if it doesn’t push far enough, fast enough, into uncomfortable territory.”
And it’s with that realization that we come to the mobile revolution. The mobile revolution is any organization’s – yours – “film to digital” moment. Mobile devices, with ever more robust operating systems, increased processing capabilities, and higher storage capacities – are now able to run more applications and do ever-more sophisticated things. More applications are being developed, and delivering more productivity, all the time. And, custom apps can be fitted to your exact business models and methodologies. Think about it: The organization’s overall productivity enjoys an enormous boost when folks can access, process, and deliver from virtually anywhere – worldwide.
But it’s more than that…
Total Cost of Overhead (TCO) and Time to Value (TtV) are key components in any successful business. TCO needs to be driven down, in service to keeping expense under control, which serves profit. TtV needs to be speedy: Faster development and implementations aid TCO, and quick business enablements also begin serving faster returns on investments (ROI), again in service to profit. Even non-profit environments and government agencies need lower cost, efficient implementations, and best returns.
In view of all that, consider that many organizations are capturing the ready population of existing personal mobile devices that employees already own – they’re a free capital resource. Why buy expensive laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPads, etc., if there’s an existing mobile population already in hand in the form of personally owned assets? All that’s required is a strong Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy, and associated Security Policy and training. All that’s really left is to engage a mobile solutions provider that understands change, innovation, and the streaming present/future environment. A steady partnership with a mobile innovator will be in every organization’s future.