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MSPs: What they are and why you need one

Small and medium-sized businesses are facing complex IT challenges in the years ahead. With IT spending by SMBs expected to grow by around 80% in the coming years, here’s why you should be investing some of that money into partnering with a managed services provider (MSP).

What is an MSP?

An MSP is a particular type of IT support company. Put simply, MSPs manage your IT systems and networks. They monitor your operations and your infrastructure, around the clock. There’s no need for them to work in your office, either. They can operate entirely remotely.

MSPs typically provide their services for a flat monthly fee, which is great news because you know exactly what you’re paying out on IT support each month.

What jobs can an MSP help you with?

MSPs provide all kinds of IT support to help your business thrive. The exact scope of the services offered are agreed in advance, and they can be customized to suit your evolving commercial needs. Examples of the services provided include:


According to a recent study, 62% of SMBs don’t feel they have sufficient cybersecurity protection. MSPs provide the software, personnel training, and infrastructure protection to shield your business from as many security threats as possible.

System maintenance and fixes

Your MSP knows how to fix hardware and software problems if they arise. They can also perform service audits and routine maintenance checks to mitigate the risk of downtime. Whenever you need a software or program update, they can perform this for you.

24/7 monitoring

MSPs understand that the challenges affecting your business don’t stop when your office closes for the day. That’s why they offer dedicated, round the clock support for all your troubleshooting needs.

Advice and support

An MSP isn’t simply a remote services provider. They can answer whatever IT-related questions you may have, and they can advise you of the steps to take whenever it’s time to upgrade or expand your IT infrastructure.

With so many support options available, you’re bound to find an MSP solution that suits your unique business needs.

Do all businesses need an MSP?

The short answer is yes; all businesses can benefit from managed services. Since an MSP takes the burden of IT management away from their client, they free up more time for SMBs to run their businesses without worrying about IT issues. Since you can choose the level of support you need, and the payments are predictable, there’s an MSP solution out there for every budget.

Benefits of employing an MSP

There are so many reasons why SMBs benefit from hiring an MSP, but here are some of the key advantages:

  • They help reduce resources and money lost to downtime and system failures
  • They provide you with dedicated support and peace of mind in the face of cybersecurity challenges
  • The digital, cloud-based storage solutions they offer are scalable to your business, meaning you’re not wasting money on extensive storage that you don’t need
  • You benefit from expert advice on everything IT-related
  • Given that over 40% of cyber attacks target small businesses, the employee cybersecurity training and guidance offered by MSPs is invaluable
  • The service fees you pay each month are typically less than the cost of paying for equipment damaged through, for example, a cyber attack


IT is constantly evolving, and the threat of cyber attack is ever-present. An MSP is best placed to protect you from these challenges and ensure you have the most effective, scalable IT solutions in place for your business. For more advice on how MSPs can help you, contact us today.