Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in Miami to Prevent Data Breaches

Unlike malware attacks that can be detected immediately, a data breach is harder to tell since it happens quietly. Data breaches are severe and costly for any organization. In fact, data breaches have become more prevalent by the day with an average total loss of about $7 million dollars for every attack. A managed IT services provider in Miami can help you establish a resilient layer of security.
To prevent data breaches, it is critical to collaborate with a qualified MSP to safeguard the interests of your business. With an MSP, you will overcome these following effects:

  • Loss of revenue – if a hacker gains access to your internal networks, they can execute money transfers from your accounts.
  • Business interruption – in case hackers wipe out critical data from your networks, you’ll incur the loss of productivity time since you can’t run daily operations until you recover the information.
  • Liability payments – apart from legal fees, a data breaches attract fines from class-action lawsuits due to the failure to safeguard customer data.
  • Loss of market share – in the event of a breach, customers lose trust in your business and they’ll cease business transactions with you.

Whether you run a large business or an SMB, it is critical to have a managed IT services provider in Miami to keep hackers at bay. Here’s how an MSP can help protect against breach attempts:

Software Updates and Patches Deployment

Outdated software is a weak point that hackers can use to inject code to siphon data from your networks. By carrying out consistent software updates and patch management, you’ll have a better defense.

Security Training and Awareness Campaigns

The leading cause of security breaches is human error. For example, the accidental download of an unverified file could lead to the introduction of malicious code to your systems and enable the efforts of hackers in compromising your data. MSPs offer intensive security training to empower your staff with the leading-edge knowledge to avoid practices that could make way for hackers.

Stringent Password Policy

On average, detecting a data breaches takes about 8 months, as reported by the Ponemon Institute. Therefore, if a hacker gains access to the user logins to your system, they can wreak havoc on your data by either corrupting your data, deleting or encrypting it, which makes it unavailable to you. Setting a strong password policy and updating user details on a weekly basis can save you from data loss.
A qualified managed IT services provider in Miami can help you limit your risk of data breach. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group for more information.