Network Audit

Inefficiency and security risks can come in many forms. So we must first analyze your enemy to prepare for the best plan of attack. We analyze your systems from top to bottom for:

 Antivirus Security Checkpoints

Securing home base operations is the top priority, and we’ll find every vulnerability an intruder may find.

 Application Updates

We take care of your applications to make sure they take care of you, and terminate the ones that don’t!

Disaster Backups

In a war with machines viruses nature, it’s vital to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Your backups will be error free for a full business recovery.

 Industry Compliance

You’ll know exactly what compliance codes you’re meeting for your industry and which codes you need help on.

Solution Strategy Meeting

Once a full analysis is complete, we’ll draw up an IT business strategy to give your business a productive workflow. This is the part where you tell us your biggest concerns for your business operations like slow internet servers or virus concerns. We want to make sure each step in your strategy will fit your budget and meet your business needs first.

It’s Time to Assemble the Team!

Now that we know our plan of attack on the machines, it’s time to rally the troops! We’ll meet with you to go over target pain points that are killing your business production. From the beginning phase of your plan, your employees will receive best practices training on:

 Using your new applications

 Updating your technology and networks quickly

 Pinpointing issues for us to terminate for you

Network Audit

What’s a good business victory with nothing to show for it? When we have your machines back under an efficient control, you’ll have the war report that spells out how your business future was secured.

Our monthly reports will let you know in real time:

 How many support tickets were open and how many were completed.

 How much time each support ticket takes. We guarantee a response time within one hour!

 How many workstations are lacking security patches and which patches they need.

 How you rate our services. We call you if you ever give us anything less than a smiley face.

You have been fighting with these machines for too long. Its time to get your business to thrive!

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