Outgrown Your Business’ Current Systems? Our Solutions Let Small-size Companies Compete with Larger Companies

Growing a business is both challenging and rewarding. When your company is on the cusp of becoming a large business, chances are good that you’ll begin to outgrow your current systems. Databases may be slower to respond, making it challenging to determine whether or not you’re meeting sales or production goals. Reporting tools may not integrate all of the data you have available – making it challenging to prepare sales presentations for prospective clients or to ensure that the higher ups are able to fully see and appreciate the gains that are being made.
Because larger companies often have access to a bigger budget, it may seem that growing your business puts you at a disadvantage. However, with our solutions, it’s possible for growing midsize organizations to have access to the same business intelligence.
At its most basic, we can offer you access to all of the financial data that you need to ensure that your business is on the right track. Similarly, you will be able to access data from all parts of your organization and gain the ability to do ad hoc reporting, to visualize the progress you’re making as a company, and to create presentations that get the rest of the company excited to work toward the next goals that you’ve set.
When you’re ready to expand, you will be able to look into additional support such as data integration – allowing you to access data from multiple warehouses, shipping facilities, or production lines. You can also move further with our Data Management that allows you to increase functionality and prepare data for use in other ways.
The more that you’re prepared to level the playing field between your organization and your larger competitors, the better the likelihood of your success. Business intelligence can be the difference as to whether or not you reach your goals. SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI can give you all the data you need – and tools that will help you apply that information.