MCG University

Microsoft 365 Outlook Shared Mailbox

In this course of MCG University, we will explain how to open a mailbox that has been shared, and to which you have been assigned access permissions. This session looks at the process of accessing another user’s emails, both online and on your Outlook application, after you have been granted permissions. You have to be granted access/permissions by either the mailbox owner or an administrator.

Outlook On The Web

  • Open a web browser and navigate to
  • Sign in using your own credentials
  • Right Click on “Folder” and select “Add Shared Folder
  • Type the name of the user that shared the mailbox
  • Accept the name and click on “ADD
  • The shared account will appear on the folders column

Outlook On The Application

  • For the Outlook app, once the mailbox has been shared with the user, and after a brief wait, we need to close all Outlook instances, re-open Outlook and the shared mailbox will display on the folders column