How to Prevent Cyberattacks with Managed IT Services in Miami

According to an IBM report on cybercrimes, cyberattacks cost at least $10,000 in the lifetime of most businesses, hence the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions from a provider of managed IT services in Miami. Thus, defending against cyber threats is necessary as new vectors of cyberattacks surface year to year. It is also critical to assess factors that may put your business assets at risk of such attacks, especially theft of customer data and intellectual property.
Here are the top methods to protect your business from cybercriminals:

Implement Frequent Cybersecurity Audits

With the alarming increase of cyber intrusions vectors, managed IT services providers in Miami offer cybersecurity audits to solve weaknesses in your infrastructure, which hackers might exploit to target you.
For example, denial of service attacks are the most viable line of attack through which attackers can shut down your internal networks. A DDoS attack can be used to penetrate your email server and allow the routing of malicious emails into your networks.
As such, this provides an entry point for penetration into your core systems, which may result in downtime. However, running cybersecurity audits allows you to seal any application, system, and network layer vulnerabilities and shut out cybercriminals.

Encrypt Your Data

Sensitive data such as customer and employee credentials such as SSNs, routing numbers, and credit card details are the target of hackers. Therefore, you should invest in the state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure such information, which will deter malicious actors from accessing it.

Invest in SIEM Technology

There is no guarantee that your cyber defenses are entirely failsafe; however, with a security incident and event management system, you’ll have a better chance at identifying weaknesses and risks and sealing them. With this approach, you’ll minimize the risk of a zero-day attack and advance IT security compliance, which offers a significant layer of protection against cybercrimes.
Besides, using managed IT services gives you professional assistance to shield your internal networks using real-time threat intelligence logs. Thus, your business will have software patches and security updates constantly, installed to defend against all vectors of cyberattacks.

Deploy Endpoint Security Solutions

Advanced malware may end up in your endpoint devices and spread rapidly under the command and control botnets. Such attacks include file-less and script-based threats such as VPNFilter and cannot be detected by standard antivirus software. With end-point security, however, you’ll be able to detect such threats and eliminate them on the spot.
At Michell Consulting Group, we offer innovative managed security services as part of our managed IT services in Miami. Contact us today to experience improved cybersecurity for your business.