MCG University

SAP Business One Price Lists

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to create and update price lists in SAP Business One. This session teaches you where to find the price lists, how to view and update existing price lists manually, how to link price lists so they are dependent on each other, how to create new price lists, and how to update prices in a price list through an SAP wizard.

How to Work with Price Lists

  • Price list are a way to set pricing for customers and vendors.
  • Navigate to the price list form to view, update, and create price lists.
  • Modules > Inventory > Price Lists > Price Lists

  • This is where the list of existing Price Lists in the system are located.
  • Listed you have the names of the price lists including, the “default base price” which is the price list it is based on.
  • The Base Price list can be based on itself.
  • There is also the factor relative to the base price list.

  • Double click on the Price List you would like to investigate with more detail.
  • A list of all the items in the price list and the corresponding information will carry over at the line level.

  • When working with price lists that are dependent on each other, manually modify an item in the associated “Base Price List.

  • The related price list will automatically update with the new price both Base Price and Price.

  • Creating a new price list can be performed by right clicking on the row of the last price list and selecting Add Row.

  1. Once the price list is created, manually type in the new name of the price list and select the update button.
  2. A box will pop up that asks if you want to have a 1 to 1 relationship with itself and choose “Yes to All” to add all the items with no prices.

  • To manually update pricing, you can use an excel spreadsheet.
  • To copy an existing price list, right click on a price in the Price List column and select Copy Table.
  • Once you have copied the set of data in excel you can paste the data directly into SAP by right clicking on the first price and select paste.
  • The selected price list will be updated.
  • Verify that the set of data prices to line up to their corresponding items in both SAP and excel.

  • Price Update Wizard is a methodical approach to updating prices.
  • The Wizard either update the entire list of items with the same “factor” or update subsets of filtered items by various selection criteria.
  • On the main price list select the “Prices Update Wizard

  • Main 2 processes we are presenting today is to either update the prices by Item Prices or Base Price List.

  • By choosing the Base Price List you will choose the Price List you want to base the new price off and enter a factor.
  • Then choose Next.

  • In this case we are looking to update all items, but if we wanted to only update a subset of items, choose the entire selection criteria to pinpoint the items you are looking for by preferred vendor, item group, or properties.

  • Select the price list to be updated/modified.
  • Click the drop down and select the desired price list.
  • Multiple price list can be selected by clicking on the 3 dots next to the price list.
  • Select Next.

  • The Simulation screen displays all the items and prices that will be updated.
  • Here we can choose to update all or manually select specific items.
  • If you select the column header where it says “Update” this will select all items.
  • The display shows the price list, the current price, and the suggested price.
  • Click Execute to apply the changes.

  • Other price update is to choose the Item Prices and just update based on the prices that are already in the price list.
  • Choose the factor (ie. multiply, divide, etc.) by a designated value.
  • Then choose next.

  • Completing the price update, the updated prices can be validated by double clicking on the price list.
  • In this case, the items are marked as “Manual” and the prices do not match the “Factor.
  • This means any future updates to the “Base Price List” will not automatically update this price list anymore.