Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Their IT Operations to a Managed IT Services Group in Miami

Many small business owners cringe at the idea of outsourcing any part of their IT operations to a managed IT services group in Miami. What they may not understand is that keeping their IT operations in-house may actually be hurting their business instead of helping it.

Fighting Fires

One of the biggest surprises for most business owners is just how much time their IT staff spends keeping everything running. One estimate indicated that almost two-thirds of IT budgets are spent on fighting daily fires. This leaves very little time or money for improving IT operations, improving technology efficiency, or enhancing employee productivity.
A managed IT services group in Miami can change this reality. They can give in-house IT staff the time to focus on making improvements and adding value to your business instead of spending every day trying to keep things running.

Not Enough Staff

Another reality for small companies is the need for skilled IT staff but no budget to hire all the expertise needed. Most small companies have one or two IT people who handle everything. While that might work with a few PCs and a basic network, it is not sustainable when the business grows and the needs become more complex.
One of the benefits of hiring an external IT group is access to their staff of IT specialists. For example, instead of asking an already overworked IT technician to become an ad-hoc DBA, the small business can use the talents of an experienced DBA instead.

No Support at Night or on Weekends

Your IT infrastructure works all day, every day, but your IT staff is only there Monday to Friday, from 8 to 5. This means someone is on-call to handle any problems that might arise or someone gets a nasty surprise first thing in the morning.
One of the major benefits of outsourcing an IT group to handle your IT infrastructure is a 24/7 operations center plus active monitoring of your servers and network. If a problem is detected, someone is working on the problem immediately.

No Planning for Disasters

Many small businesses just don’t have the resources to do the risk assessments and continuity planning for proper disaster recovery. It’s outside the business owner’s skillset, and often not deemed a priority.
With an outsourced IT support group, however, that can change. They can bring in disaster planning experts who can assess the environment and do the planning needed to ensure the company can survive a major disaster.
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