Robin Cures Android Users' Siri-Envy

Even if you’ve never used an iPhone, you’ve probably heard of Siri, Apple’s personal virtual assistant. Siri is one-part novelty, one-part geekiness, and actually pretty productive. She can answer questions for you, facilitate many features of the iPhone, and report notifications and updates to you. For those of us who love our Android devices over Apple’s iOS, Siri makes us just a little jealous, that is until now.
Enter Robin. Robin started out as a souped up navigation app for Android smartphones that dishes out driving directions, parking, traffic, and other localized information. A few updates later, and Robin is proving to be Siri’s doppelganger, with plenty of personalized settings and features.
Robin can tell jokes, dial numbers, read and send text messages, update your social media statuses, read the news, set reminders, and a whole lot more. The free app is still perfect when driving – everything is voice activated. While Robin is running, simply wave your hand in front of your phone (you don’t even need to touch it) and it will start listening for a command. You can talk to Robin using plain English, alleviating the frustratingly small vocabulary other voice-activation apps might have.
Robin is definitely a Siri challenger, and while she’s not perfect, the app is definitely ambitious and hits the mark most of the time. You can download Robin from the Google Play store.