Custom IT Support Programs

We also let you design your own custom support program. If you have a special software or hardware support issue or need, we can build a tailored program to address your requirements.

In-Depth Computer Support Services

Depending on your application and resources, your support needs might be straightforward or very complex. Michell Consulting Group can offer you a full range of technical support services to provide site audit and evaluation, installation preparation and site planning, and network configuration.

Flexible IT Service Offerings

When you need support, Michell Consulting Group has many options to get the answers you need in order to keep you focused on your company’s route to expansion, rather than focusing on frustrating IT issues.

MCG provides support offerings such as a technical assistance center, on-site support services, turnkey installation services, materials repair and replacement options, long-term maintenance programs, life cycle planning, secure environment support, and integrated logistics support.

We’ll walk you through the options and help you decide how we can best keep your organization running smoothly.

Technical Support Access

Michell Consulting Group offers you many avenues to obtain support: telephone, e-mail, on-site, customer web-portal, and online. When you select your support package, you can decide how you would like our skilled technical support specialists to be available to your team.

MCG guarantees that our customers will receive an acknowledgment of a request for technical support with a resolution, or status update, within the period of time designated by the selected level of service.