Is Your Small Business Getting Larger? Why Choosing SAP Business One Makes Sense

Small businesses, specifically during periods of expansion, need to be able to have a complete picture of their organization. Financial management and reporting must be a priority – and, if it can be automated, all the better. Tracking inventory from parts to finished products across warehouses is vital, as having product on time and where your customers want and need it is a core element of any organization’s success. As customer relationships are about more than simply making the sale, having a customer relationship management platform is also extremely important.
The challenge is that when many companies look toward business management software, they think about it in pieces. They look for one tool that will track finances. Production management and purchasing tracking applications are separate, and the two don’t often integrate effectively. A CRM platform may be available, but may not allow executives to look at all of the variables: which marketing materials are the most effective, which customer demographic is the most likely to make repeat purchases, whether or not customer service requests are met quickly and effectively handled. And when it comes to reporting on all of the various elements of business? It remains difficult to get a clear, concise, and complete picture.
SAP Business One lets small businesses take advantage of a single, integrated solution. For growing companies, there’s no longer a need to compare figures, enter data into multiple systems, or generate reports manually. With SAP Business One, financial management, CRM, procurement, production, and comprehensive reports are all available when you need – even if you’re on the go. SAP Business One supports your business while it grows, allows you to streamline operations, connect all business partners and locations, and ensures that you have the information you need to make the right decisions quickly.