There are many problems to be solved when faced with moving mission critical data from a system that has been in use for many years to a new, more fully functioned system. Each party in a data migration project has expectations. Frequently they differ widely between the user and the provider. Right up front, we put expectations on a level playing field for all to see. We offer complete conversion services including data extraction. We can work with or without a data map and with or without cooperation from the old vendor.

Frequently getting data out of the old system is THE most difficult task and thus is a key element in a successful data conversion. Our specialty is working with source systems of all kinds including antiquated computer systems, tape drives or other storage device. We accept data in almost any format, including electronically captured reports.

If there is no data map we can develop those parts needed to extract data critical to the data conversion.


We minimize the disruption to regular workflow by coordinating our schedules for gathering information and validating conversion data, with other staff assignments. The data conversion will not disrupt the processing of the retiring system nor require any special programming of the old system to facilitate the transition.

If the existing codes, structure and business rules need to be brought into the new system, the conversion will be programmed to accomplish this. Translating codes and business rules as well as restructuring, can also be completed during the conversion process. Database records are transitioned using the new business rules and codes so they function properly in the new environment.

Using reports and other information from the old system and similar reports from the conversion we reconcile the balances in the new system. All data, customer information, balances, deposits, name & address, etc will be converted accurately to the new system. Nothing will be lost.

It is probable that data in the old system is not entirely consistent and compatible with the new one. We provide detailed reports on data that does not meet the integrity requirements of the new system. Then we recommend the most effective way to integrate this data into the new system.

When transactional or financial history is required in the new system, we extract and transfer the appropriate records. Our QA process validates they have been transferred correctly. We ensure that they balance and reflect accurate payment and transactional history.