4 Benefits of Cloud Email Provided by a Managed IT Services Company in Miami

The use of cloud technology provided by a managed IT services provider in Miami offers a wide range of benefits, which includes access to emails on the cloud. Instead of using traditional email services, cloud emails allow employees to quickly access messages, while still receiving the ultimate security and protection. Cloud computing gives businesses much-needed flexibility, and it is an excellent option in today’s competitive workplace.

Here are four ways that companies can benefit from using a cloud-based email provider:

Improve Collaboration

One of the advantages of using emails in the cloud is that it allows employees to work together on multiple projects. Instant access to any work projects significantly enhances productivity and makes the job of each employee much easier. The high storage capacity of a cloud-based email provider also allows employees to upload substantial files without any delay.

Anywhere Access

Another benefit of using managed IT services in Miami is that you can access cloud-based emails at any time and from any location. Whether you need to check an email on a business trip or at home, the use of cloud computing makes these emails easily accessible from any place with an internet connection.

Minimal Maintenance

Not having to worry about server maintenance is beneficial for any company, as it will reduce costs and prevent any downtime. Cloud-based email is a fantastic solution for any company with a limited budget, as you will still gain access to innovative technology and the latest software updates as soon as they become available.

Disaster Recovery Services

The loss of data can occur at any time, but the use of cloud-based email is an additional layer of protection for any business. All your emails can be easily accessed on the cloud, even if your laptop crashes or if you are encountering any technical difficulties. Disaster recovery services give your company much-needed peace of mind that all your emails are safe and protected.

The use of cloud technology continues to expand and partnering with a managed IT services provider in Miami is an excellent investment for small to mid-sized businesses. At Michell Consulting Group, we offer cloud technology and helps companies to take advantage of innovative technology. We have many years of experience in the IT industry, and it is our goal to help your company reach its full potential. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of cloud computing, contact us today.

Cloud-Based Security Is Concerning for Small Businesses

The cloud is such an important part of today’s business environment that most organizations use it to some extent, even if it’s just for basic storage needs. However, the cloud needs to be properly maintained, starting with the way you secure your cloud services. Take a moment to ask yourself if your cloud–whether it’s hosted on-site or by a provider–is safe and secure.

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Why You Need the Cloud and IT Services in Miami for Your Business

There are a lot of opportunities right now for businesses, big or small, to take advantage of cloud technology. Companies in the City of Angels are turning to the cloud with an adoption rate that’s unheard of, and the reason is that their IT services provider in Miami are alerting them about its many benefits. There are clear-cut points that need to be made to help understand just how beneficial it can be to leave traditional desktop software behind and move to the cloud.

Businesses are turning to the cloud because they know the positive impact it can have on them. However, it’s crucial to understand what the benefits are, first and foremost. Rather than just throw money at the cloud, know what it’s all about and how it can help you and your company.

Integrating Devices

One of the biggest benefits that your IT services provider in Miami should let you know when thinking about the cloud is integration. When you have desktop software, it has to be installed on each machine. You have to think about integration between these machines as well, whether the software is going to be compatible with your laptops, desktops, and mobile devices or not. The cloud doesn’t force you to face these types of struggles.

The cloud allows you to take control of the integration of your devices. You can install a piece of software on the cloud and let it run, only hooking the rest of the devices that you have up to it. You don’t have to worry about compatibility because the cloud is going to be driving that for you. This lets you have the software up and running in no time without spending a lot of resources trying to make everything work together.

Access Around the Clock

The cloud also gives you access to your network at all times. If you have a server that goes down in the middle of the night, your cloud provider will take care of it. The cloud means more uptime and fewer maintenance requirements that you need to handle in case of emergency downtime situations.

The cloud brings forth a vast number of benefits for your company, no matter how big or small it may be. At Michell Consulting Group, our IT services team in Miami can help you comprehend these advantages and figure out which cloud solution works best for you. 99.9% uptime should be the first thing that jumps out at you— the ease of integration and budget management gains, among other things, are merely icing on the cake. The cloud is the future, and we’re ready to assist you in embracing it. Contact us today to learn more.

Your IT Services Provider in Miami Can Help You Smoothly Transition to the Cloud

As a business owner, it’s important to always keep your data security in mind. Having a safe and strong backup is necessary to keep your business away from cyberattacks and other inevitable cases that can cause you to lose files. In this case, you need a reliable IT services provider in Miami to help you transition to the cloud, which can help you safeguard your data.

All About the Transition

The need for constant backups is one of the many things driving the cloud storage revolution, and more businesses are making the switch from desktop to cloud. If you’re planning to get on board, you’ll need to do some planning to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Perhaps the most critical part of the desktop-to-cloud transition is choosing the right cloud storage partner. Your carefully-planned and flawlessly-executed backups will do you no good if the cloud storage service you choose suddenly goes out of business and leaves their servers inaccessible. Likewise, your backups will do you no good if the servers they’re stored in aren’t up to snuff. Cloud storage may be a fun term, but your files aren’t stored on actual clouds— they’re held on hard drives housed in servers, and the backups you create are only as secure as the hardware that houses them.

Once you’ve chosen the right cloud storage provider and verified that they’re reliable, efficient and affordable, it’s time to test your own equipment and make sure you have the bandwidth to send files back and forth. Testing your Internet speed is also a vital part of the transition, and the faster your service, the easier it will be to back up your files and make sure they’re stored securely.

Your IT services provider in Miami should provide you with the software you need, or a secure website, to upload your data and recover any backed-up files you may need. It’s a good idea to play around with the software and see how it works before you start moving any data. Knowing how the software works will make the desktop-to-cloud transition easier and allow you to save time later on.

Depending on the service and software you use, you may have the ability to mark specific files for uploading. This option will be especially important if you have limited storage available, or if you’re required to pay for additional storage. If your storage options are unlimited, you can simply choose to upload everything on your computer hard drive, tablet, smartphone, and other devices

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to test your backups and verify the integrity of the data on the cloud storage site. Moving them from the desktop to the cloud is a complicated process, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong along the way. Spot-checking your backed-up files, and making sure they are usable in their current form, is an essential last step in the transition. Lastly, storing your data in the cloud provides vital protection for your data, giving you the real-time backups you need to protect yourself, your clients and your customers.

The Right Partner for Your Move to the Cloud

As a business owner, having a secure cloud backup service in place will give you extra peace of mind. Choosing the right IT services provider in Miami , identifying the most critical files to back up, and testing your backed-up files are all critical parts of the desktop-to-cloud transition, and taking those steps now can provide valuable protection later. At Michell Consulting Group, we can help you have an easy, fuss-free move to the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.

How IT Support in Miami Can Help Your Business to Move Forward

There are certain things that you simply want to rely on a professional for when it comes to running a business. Information technology is absolutely one of them. Your company’s IT infrastructure is arguably the most important part of your entire operation. Without your IT up and running, you’re going to be lacking the backbone of your enterprise, what allows you to keep track of customers, inventory, orders, receivables, accounts payable, and so on. You want to hire IT support experts Miami who can help deliver the service that you need and proactively address issues as they arise.

What are some of the core services that you can expect to receive from your IT professional? Compliance is certainly going to be one of them, so is pushing your IT infrastructure forward… into the cloud.

The Compliance Spin

Compliance is always something that’s extremely important for companies, and your IT support professional Miami needs to be on top of all regulations at all times. No matter what industry you operate within, chances are, there are going to be requirements that you need to follow to stay in line with the law. You’re going to have think about things such as data privacy, protecting non-public personal information that may belong to your customers.

Staying compliant with all the requirements out there set forth by the government can be completely overwhelming. If you’re in the financial industry, being compliant may seem like a nearly impossible task. That’s why you need a professional IT support to help clarify things for you and keep you on the straight line.

Moving to the Cloud

You also want to have an IT support that can help you move to the cloud. The cloud truly is the future in terms of allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest computer technology. It also helps in the efficiency arena as well. With your server fully in the cloud, you’re going to be able to really eliminate more risk. You’ll also be able to increase accessibility to your server and upgrade as necessary, based on the needs of your business.

Software Migration

Microsoft and Google are changing things when it comes to software, with Office 365 and Google Apps. You no longer have to go around installing Microsoft Office on every single computer that you have. Instead, you access this software in the cloud, saving files as well. This is the future, but you need an IT support to help to guide you there to take advantage of it.

IT support professionals Miami need to have certain traits that will allow you to really push your company forward. This includes things such as helping you with software migration, the move to the cloud, and especially being in line with requirements and compliance related items. Now is the time to find an IT support to help you— now is the time to reach out to us at Michell Consulting Group. Contact us today for more information.