Protect Your IoT Technology with IT Support in Miami

IT support in Miami needs to be cutting-edge enough that it follows technology trends and can upgrade accordingly. But upgrading isn’t quite enough— you’ve also got to be able to protect against vulnerabilities.

With any new tech, there are always going to be new strengths and weaknesses. Aspects of both won’t be visible immediately. For a fun fictional example, look at the Death Star. It was the biggest firecracker in the universe, and the thermal exhaust port was a proton torpedo fuse. Rogue One has cleared that slight plot hole up— no spoilers here; see it yourself!— but the point stands. Sometimes, massive funding and tech development still leaves a massive blind spot. That happens from the top down.

The Axis Powers had the enigma machine, but they never counted on The Allies developing what would become the modern computer to crack that code. The DNC had the 2016 e-mail scandals which ultimate effects are still reverberating throughout Washington. And the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the next big developments in tech, has some holes too. Primarily, it can be subject to hacking if you don’t properly protect your new IoT applications.

Samsung’s Troubles

Samsung SmartCam cameras were recently hacked, and so Samsung disabled user access privileges— an unpopular move. Then a hacking group found another way in. Luckily, they let the company know of the issue and fixed it. Now, when you’re looking for IT support in Miami, you don’t want some exterior hacking company holding you up for a solution— no matter how good that solution may be. You should have protection for your IoT applications beforehand.

The best way to do that is to have an IT solutions organization install your new equipment, and ensure that they take every measure for security in a proactive way. You’re going to want an IT expert who can monitor your services, knows of common issues like those experienced by Samsung, and has the resources to combat such exigencies. “Cutting-edge” is a term ubiquitously bandied about today, but it’s a term people can relate to— the edge of the blade that cuts various targets is the sharpest part, the change-inciting agent, the forward mechanism. You don’t want some dulled IT solution; even if their blade is swung, it won’t work how it’s been designed to.


So, when you’re deciding on a solution, look for a few modern tech innovations to color their services. Things like:

  • Proactive IT Support
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • IoT Installation and Monitoring
  • Backup and Data Recovery Provisions
  • Protections Against Viruses and Malware
  • Responsive Help-Desks

In addition to these things, you’re going to need to communicate with your IT provider to ensure the greatest level of support. If you go to an auto mechanic and ask for a tune-up to fix some issue you’ve been dealing with, but then never tell the mechanic about that particular issue, how can he help you? It’s the same with an IT support solution. If you want it to be effective, you’ve got to let the tech guys know how to help you.

For IT support in Miami that you can depend on, we at Michell Consulting Group offer top-tier, cutting-edge solutions designed to save you time and money while protecting your business proactively. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Keep Up with the Advancements in IT Services in Miami

It can be quite challenging for any business to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in information technology trends. The best IT services providers in Miami are all striving to lead the pack, to stay ahead of the curve, and to adopt change and run with it as quickly as possible.

A lot is happening in the information technology space. We’re starting to see things such as changes in the way that artificial intelligence is perceived, the growth of machine learning, advancements in security, among other areas. With these advancements come new opportunities for businesses to take advantage of these new technologies and use them for their benefit.

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been offered by IT services providers in Miami in the past, but never like this. Artificial intelligence began popping up in science fiction movies and novels, many decades ago. It’s now at the point though regarding right technology where it is starting to take over. Companies are learning how to use it to automate everyday tasks, perform data analysis that used to take hours of manual work, and much more.

The more that can be automated using this type of technology and machine learning, the more efficient companies are going to be able to be. Manual jobs that used to take step by step inputs into a computer can now be set up completely automatically and learned even to become more efficient over time.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things continues to expand the way in which all of the devices that we use every day to interact with each other. Now, we have printers, smartphones, televisions, coffee machines, and refrigerators, all communicating with one another over the Internet. With all of these items now being fully connected, it’s more important than ever to ensure that there are security checks that are in place to be sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

VR for the Win

Virtual reality is also taking over in a big way. We’re seeing virtual reality offerings from all of the big players in the industry, including Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, and many others. These are only going to become the most mass market as the years go on, with software development picking up at a rapid pace.

The interesting thing with virtual reality is that you need to understand that it’s not just for video games. There are plenty of other applications for it, including training simulations and the like to help immerse companies in an atmosphere and perform simulations.

It’s going to be more important than ever for IT services providers in Miami to stay up to date with the latest and greatest information technology trends. If you want to stay competitive in your market, you’re going to need to break the mold and risk with technologies that can give you that competitive edge. Differentiating your company from the other may be a matter of adopting the very best new technologies so that you always have a leg up. At Michell Consulting Group, we can help you propel your business for years to come. Reach us today to learn more!

3 Industries that Smart Technology is Revolutionizing

Smart technology has been growing rapidly over the past few years. As a result, there have been many different companies popping up, trying to develop the next “big” thing. With technology becoming a hot button issue all around the world, and with a consumer base that increases by the day, today’s smart technology is seemingly just the tip of the iceberg. Today, we will look at three industries in which smart technologies are making a big impact.

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3 Ways the Future of the Internet of Things will Shape Up

The Internet of Things is changing the face of web-connected devices as we know it. Some would argue that the world isn’t ready for the IoT, but it’s on its way nonetheless. But what really constitutes the Internet of Things? InfoWorld suggests that a lot of what the public sees as the Internet of Things shouldn’t be classified as IoT devices. Therefore, we need a more substantial definition for this revolutionary phenomenon.

There are three primary categories of what the public deems to be IoT devices:

  • Machine-to-machine technology.
  • Smart systems.
  • Ad hoc Internet of Things.

Machine-to-Machine: Efficiency to the Max
We live in an information age, and machines have to communicate with each other in order to function properly. This is especially important for medical, industrial, and office-operational equipment. This is called machine-to-machine communication (M2M). This makes sharing easy between systems. Variables, like heart rate or temperatures, can be shared instantaneously if need be.

But should M2M technology be considered part of the Internet of Things? Arguably not. In terms of principle, M2M technology isn’t changed by the IoT, but it has been made more affordable and readily available. According to Bernie Anger of General Electric, the spread of M2M technology can be attributed to several changes:

  • Cheaper Open Database Connectivity(ODBC): Having multiple devices connected to the same database is now cheaper than ever before, and even non-Windows devices can run ODBC User Agent now.
  • Cost-Effective Mass Scale Data Processing Technologies: Open source data processing technologies are effective for data collection on a budget. Companies were previously limited by the sheer cost of data collection, but that isn’t the case anymore.
  • Client User Interfaces are Much-Improved: The inception of the coding language HTML5 has brought about significant changes in the way that the user interface of many devices is designed, making them easier and more efficient to navigate.

Smart Systems and Bluetooth
One other technology that’s been around for a while, but not necessarily changed by the IoT, is what can be called a “smart system.” These communication systems are generally used for diagnostics or repairs, such as oil rig engineers using iPads while in the field to communicate with home base via a satellite signal.

That seems a lot like Bluetooth technology, doesn’t it? Bluetooth uses a device to communicate with another via a wireless connection, not unlike the above situation. Consumer-grade devices are basically just using this same technology (sort of like an IoT product) for new and improved purposes. It’s as simple as innovation versus rebranding. Innovation is taking something old and using it for new purposes, which doesn’t necessarily qualify as Internet of Things worthy.

The Internet of Things is Simply Complicated
One of the most important characteristics of the Internet of Things is that it’s sporadic and prone to change. It’s volatile and chaotic in its very nature. All of these ad hoc Internet of Things devices are designed for one function, and when so many different devices are involved, the situation quickly grows messy and complicated. While some of this technology has the capabilities to communicate with other systems, some don’t. The chief difference between these devices and older ones is that these devices are connected in a different manner.

The main idea behind the Internet of Things, for most companies, is that they want to create an environment where their new technology can thrive, and they want to control all of these devices from one central location. One example of this is Google Chromecast. Most major technology companies want to be at the head of the pack for the Internet of Things era.

So, if none of these devices fall under the category of “Internet of Things,” what does that mean for this new phenomenon? Basically, the IoT is a mismatched group of technologies being used for new and improved things, given a title which doesn’t really apply to them. If your business is looking to succeed in this new era of mobile technology, remember the differences between these three groups of devices, and you’ll surely be able to find your own definition for the Internet of Things. What are your thoughts on these new tech trends? Let us know in the comments.