What Exactly Do We Mean by “Managed” Services?

Managed services – what are they? The short answer, other people managing the IT systems that you rely on every day to be productive and accomplish your tasks. In essence, they are a freedom from dealing with the troublesome and time-consuming parts of leveraging technology. You may have heard this much about managed services before, but have never been given a deeper understanding of what they entail. That is precisely what we aim to accomplish below.
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What Makes Managed Services Worth It?

Most modern businesses depend on technology in at least some capacity, whether it’s for productivity, efficiency, or even security purposes. Without access to important data and applications, your business is a shell of its former glory. This is why it’s so important for businesses like yours to implement managed IT services. It certainly beats having untrained employees maintain your crucial computing systems!

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Have You Really Considered Your Maintenance Costs?

Computers need to be maintained in order to ensure that they are working as optimally as possible. It’s also known that technology solutions are prone to failure, be it from users making mistakes, deliberately ruining something in a fit of rage, or components simply failing. If you’re concerned about the wellbeing of your organization’s IT, then you need to rely on a technology specialist who can manage and maintain it.

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Here’s Why Managed Services and IT Support in Miami are Perfect for Startups

If you’re launching a startup, tech will be a key feature of your life. Whether your startup is focused on a tech offering or you just want to ensure your business exploits all the powerful advantages provided by today’s technology, your operations need access to reliable IT resources that support your business through the challenging early months and years. On top of that, you need those IT systems to support you financially, not hold you back. Fortunately, managed services and IT support in Miami are ideal for today’s startups.

How Does Managed Services Support a Startup?

Managed services cover four fundamental needs of new businesses today:

1. Systems Expertise

With your infrastructure and networking needs handled through the managed services model, your startup instantly benefits from a wealth of technology and expertise in your managed service provider (MSP). Not only can you relax in the confidence that the critical business and IT infrastructure on which your business depends are provided by experts, but you can often strengthen your own offerings thanks to the expertise of your MSP. Partnering with MSPs who are recognized authorities also strengthens your brand and the confidence of your customers.

2. Unrivaled Support

It’s hard enough trying to get a new business off the ground without having to find the finances needed to provide top-notch IT support. When you partner with an MSP, you get enterprise-level IT support built into the contract. You let the MSP cover your IT support needs in Miami and you can get on with recruiting the staff you need in other areas of the business.

3. Manageable Finances

With managed services, you don’t have to wonder how much your IT is going to cost, it’s structured clearly in the contract. You eliminate big up-front capital costs for your IT and enjoy a fixed monthly fee.

4. Scalability

In the old model, you would have to finance expensive IT headroom, so your growth isn’t limited by your systems. With managed services, you enjoy the potential to scale up your IT resources as and when your business operations dictate it. It is much easier and cheaper to test products, markets, and processes, without having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. If operations in any particular area take off, you just ramp up the resources via your MSP.


It is impossible to cover all the ways in which managed services are a boon to startups today. To learn exactly how the managed services model is perfect for the IT support needs of your Miami business, get in touch with us at Michell Consulting Group today.

Managed Services Offers Predictable Results

You decide to take your workstation to a local computer repair shop because its running slower than a turtle at a dead run. Then after you’ve waited for the Computer Technician to fix your computer you find out it wasn’t broken, it just needed a defragmentation and a little bit of malware removal. This is caused from carelessness that tends to happen because of the busy work day.

So now your computer is running smoothly again, but inevitably, you’re going to be in the same position in the near future. Then, once more, you’re going to be at the mercy of the Computer Repair Shop. Perhaps you wanna be on a first name basis with the computer technician and shell out hundreds of dollars over and over again to fix the same problem, not to mention the overhead associated with the downtime. Somehow, we doubt it. It’s a controllable expense and Michell Consulting Group has a solution.

If you feel you can relate to this ongoing trend, all of us at Michell Consulting Group are here to provide valuable solutions to these technological problems. Michell Consulting Group provides a comprehensive service package featuring remote monitoring that allows you to be proactive instead of reactive with your IT. All this at a comparable flat-rate as a Computer Repair Shop would charge you to fix it reactively.

So why choose Michell Consulting Group instead of taking it to the Computer Repair Shop? It may cost close to the same price but now you don’t have the overhead cost of downtime or the hinderance of disconnecting your equipment and then driving it to the shop. We do it when your not there, allowing your productivity to increase when you are there.

More information about this and all of our featured services can be obtained by contacting us at 305-592-5433. Make a difference to your bottom line and contact Michell Consulting Group today. Let us take on the hassle, so you don’t have to!