Michell Consulting Group To Exhibit At The Small Business Expo In Miami

Join Michell Consulting Group Thursday, January 16 at the Miami Beach Convention Center! We will be offering FREE consultations from our eduated and experienced staff. Stop by our booth #623 and enter to win a free iPad!

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January 16, 2014 9am-5pm

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center:  1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Has Mobility Changed Your Miami Business?

Technology is changing quickly and businesses are seeing a wide variety of options replacing traditional IT methodology that is driving change and productivity to businesses of all sizes. It’s getting easier to take work with you with mobile devices and hosted services, but are these just expensive new toys or do they provide serious benefits to businesses?

Cloud Computing

Probably the biggest, vaguest buzz word of this technology generation, cloud computing can mean a whole lot of different things. From a technical standpoint, one definition of cloud computing is the infrastructure required to split computing power between a mass of devices, although there are publicly available clouds like Google and Amazon, private clouds that larger businesses establish, and even social networks and a slew of various web apps have been considered ‘the cloud.’

Okay, so cloud computing is a big, ambiguous thing. However, leveraging the idea of the cloud offers cost-saving benefits to small businesses. Dropping the semantics, when a company doesn’t need to worry about managing a part of their IT infrastructure in house, they save money. It’s that simple. Let somebody else take care of it and make sure it works. Sure, there is a cost to this, but without the need for new hardware, space, electricity, heat disbursement, maintenance, and all of the other things that get tacked on with a best-practices server room, eliminating some of the hardware quickly adds up to big savings.

Mobile Devices

About half of all cell phone users own a smart phone. We might not have flying cars yet but we do have access to powerful handheld computing devices that keep us connected to both our personal and professional lives and give us the ability to work seamlessly from anywhere. Partially, mobile computing is related to cloud – the mobile platform is still fairly light weight and requires something else to do the heavy lifting and store the data. Still, businesses will be seeing a shift from traditional chained-down desktops to functional, accessible tablets, laptops, and smartphones, that is, if they haven’t already.

The biggest improvement seen by adopting mobile technology is productivity. Users can access files and applications from anywhere, communicate and correspond easily from their mobile device, and stay productive while on the road. For most small businesses, employees might bring their own smartphone, but mobility is not going to be a fad. Business application developers are feeling the push and developing software that plays nice with tablets and smartphones. Eventually, this shift could lead to the eventual death of the desktop workstation as we know it for many types of employees, but harbor new and innovated ways small businesses get things done.

Technology is always changing and can drive businesses forward when adopted carefully – whether you want to save money or improve your bottom line’s productivity or just provide better, more accessible options for your employees, Michell Consulting Group can partner with your Miami business and help prepare your company for the technology benefits of tomorrow.

Should Your Miami Business Virtualize?

Server Virtualization sounds like a phrase from late 1990’s science fiction, but it plays a big role for small and medium-sized businesses that want to cut down on the costs of housing and maintaining multiple servers at their location. What is it and how does it work?

Virtualization is where you have one device that is able to perform the jobs of multiple devices. Instead of having multiple servers each playing separate roles, you have one server with virtual servers installed on it. From a software standpoint, you have multiple operating systems and instances of software running in tandem on a single set of hardware.

Chances are, if you have multiple servers at your organization, they are underutilized. That’s a lot of expensive hardware considering you aren’t using it to its full potential 95% of the time. You also need to perform maintenance, security updates, and take care of each server separately, and provide electricity for each to run. All that adds up, especially considering that the expensive hardware is barely being used to its full potential.

Server Virtualization lets you eliminate the need for multiple servers so you have less hardware to manage, maintain, and power. Your business benefits from having multiple non-physical virtual servers that each perform their own tasks and have their own purposes, but with much less overhead.

Want to learn more about how Virtualized servers can save your business money? Contact us today at 305-592-5433.

What is Pinterest and Why It Matters to Miami Businesses

Social Media is a tough industry – the only way a good social network can succeed is by being extremely popular, and it takes a lot of criteria for that to happen. A social network site either has it or it doesn’t, and Pinterest apparently has it in massive quantities.

Pinterest is an extremely young, but suddenly thriving social network that acts as a virtual bulletin board, and it’s helping businesses increase traffic. Users share images and links they like, file them under specific categories, and other members can view and share them.

This is what makes social media so relevant to any business; people talking and sharing information about your products, services, and brand. By feeding the social networks great, share-worthy content, you are providing (for lack of a better term) bait that other users can share to attract more traffic.

Pinterest is currently struggling to keep up with their surging growth, so currently the service is invite only. Go to and sign up for an invite, or ask around, you may already know somebody using the service.

Like any social network, it takes time to curate yourself on Pinterest – populating your board with quality content should be your first goal. Similarly, you won’t start getting fans on Facebook if you’ve only posted to your wall twice.

Pinterest has already proven to be popular for retailers, with some retailers seeing their referral traffic more than double in just a few months.

Is your business using social media? If so, has it had an impact on your business? Let us know in the comments!