MCG University

Microsoft 365 Teams Screen Sharing

In this course of MCG University, we walk through how to share your screen in Microsoft Teams. We show you how you can get this done through the Desktop Microsoft Teams application. Note, this feature is not available in Microsoft Teams online version.

Getting Started

  • Open Microsoft Teams Desktop application
  • During a Microsoft Teams call navigate to the upper-right hand corner > Click on the UP arrow or use the Windows Hot Keys (Ctrl + Shift + E)

Share Content Settings on Microsoft Teams

  • Settings dialog pops-up > Choose which screen and/or Window you wish to share

Sharing Settings on Microsoft Teams

  • After selecting the Screen you’re sharing you have a few settings as a Presenter > Click on the drop-down (Give Control), Stop Presenting and Pin the Toolbar
  • You have the option to grant the User control to your Screen
  • To remove the User from having control simply click on Cancel Control
  • More so the User can also request control from their side
  • User requesting control to your Screen