The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Infor Distribution FACTS Software

There’s a lot of business advice out there, but not all of it is good! In fact, some of it is full of misconceptions, misinformation, and myths that could affect your business. This is true of all areas of business, and ERP System software is no exception.
Your time is much too valuable to spend trying to debunk the myths to find the best options for your business. Many of the common misinformation topics date back to the beginning years of ERP Systems and have been around awhile. To help, we’ve compiled the following examples of the worst advice we’ve ever encountered about ERP Systems like Infor Distribution FACTS Software.

  • It’s Only for Big Businesses. You might  think that your business is not large enough to need business management software, but nothing is farther from the truth. ERP System software options, like Infor Distribution FACTS, will make your business activities easier and clearer as it streamlines processes in Inventory, Sales, Purchasing and more. Businesses of all sizes—big and small—can benefit from enhancements in tracking business resources, improving data management and refining the interpretation of the figures that you base business decisions upon. Furthermore, such software is customizable, and it will give you the resources to be able to keep up as your business thrives and grows. Using ERP System software means it will be faster and easier for your small business to expand.
  • It’s Too Expensive. As a business owner, you know to be wary of anything that seems too cheap to be true because you do have to spend money to make money. ERP software like Infor Distribution FACTS is not cheap, but can bring a lot of value to your business’s daily operations and overall efficiency. It is well worth the money spent on the software as it makes your business easier to run through tracking your business’s resources, activities and commitments.
  • Implementing Infor FACTS is Too Difficult. Perception is the key issue here. Anything is going to be difficult if you decided it is so. While completely converting to new software is never simple, Infor Distribution FACTS is light years ahead of the original ERP software that created this myth in the first place. Additionally, if implementation is a concern, then consider a provider that offers unparalleled service and support to guide you and your workforce through the process.
  • Your Business’s Processes Are Too Difficult to Convert to an ERP System. Again, this is a matter of a perception of difficulty, because your company’s processes should adapt to fit your business as it grows. Instead of looking at how outdated processes can—or cannot—fit into the new phases of your business, such as converting to an ERP System like Infor Distribution FACTS, try to look at the end results for your business. Do your orders go through faster and more accurately? Do your inventory shortages stop? Are your shipments on time and your payments taken in a timely manner? Infor Distribution FACTS makes your processes easier to manage, so if they need to be tweaked to take your company to the next level, then so be it.
  • ERP Systems Take Too Long to Implement. Rome was not built in a day, but still, if you find a vendor with top notch support and service, the implementation process of Infor Distribution FACTS does not need to be the bogeyman that it is sometimes made out to be.  Since it is customizable to your business, implementing the software nearly out of the box is a real possibility. Additionally, a smooth and fast implementation is made more possible with the right support and service.
  • ERP Systems are Super Easy. While ERPs like Infor Distribution FACTS are not the convoluted systems that myths claim, you and your business’s employees will need to put some time and effort into learning new software systems. Infor Distribution FACTS can improve business practices and reduce inefficiencies, but it’s not magic. Employees still need to know how to use the software on a day-to-day basis. It’s no different than learning the rules of a game before you start to play, and, again, a vendor that provides support and service will be able to assist with training, implementation, and IT issues.