Thinking BYOD? Think Cisco: BYOD Smart Solution

Demand for Mobile Access and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions continue to grow throughout just about every industry segment. Along with that demand, comes a whole host of new IT Mobility challenges. The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a BYOD network.
Employees today want to use any device, anywhere, anytime. So because we all need to adapt, Cisco has created a comprehensive, yet flexible solution that spans all layers of BYOD holistically and allows you to “start simple” and build up to a much more comprehensive solution. Cisco brings in multiple layers and combines it as a single comprehensive solution validated end-to-end. This solution also includes services for planning, implementation, and support.
What is the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution?
The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network. Cisco BYOD enhances user experiences and productivity.
This complete solution starts with Cisco design guides and professional services that lead you from planning and design to day-to-day operations. This BYOD solution also provides the necessary infrastructure, including:

  • Access points
  • Controllers
  • Security
  • Network management

This infrastructure supports a highly secure, high-performing network that is accessible to a wide range of devices.
Cisco BYOD Smart Solution is a complete bring-your=own-device (BYOD) solution that you can easily tailor to meet your needs. You get proven solution designs, professional and technical support services, and network infrastructure and access points so that you can build and support your network with:

  • Policy-enforced, highly secure access
  • Exceptional network experiences
  • Simplified operations

Starting with mission critical wireless for predictability and scalability, Cisco manages everything as one network with one policy. This provides you with deep visibility so you know who’s on the network, where they are, what time they came on, what device they’re using, and how they connected. Cisco’s BYOD Smart Solution allows you to transform your business, while working on a validating design to reduce risk and speed time to deployment. It gives you an integrated roadmap to drive value and protect your investment. All the while being supported end-to -end with Cisco services. You accelerate business agility, to improve your risk profile, deliver a superior experience to your end users, and you build cost-effectiveness into your network while fostering innovation.
Whether you have a sophisticated need or a simple BYOD need, Cisco’s BYOD Smart Solutions accommodates it. The building blocks are designed to use however you wish to optimize for your needs. Another important part of this building block infrastructure is that it allows you to change as your business needs change. So if you start with a simpler approach to BYOD and your business needs change, you’re able to evolve.