MCG University

SAP Business One Tool Tips

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to work with Tool Tips in SAP Business One. This session will show how to obtain brief and pertinent information related to important information when processing marketing documents in SAP Business One. This is a built-in feature that only needs to be enabled and can be customized for each individual based on their specific needs.

How to Enable Tool Tips

  • When hovering over a horizontal arrow on many SAP documents, a box is displayed that indicates a link to details associated with that field. For Customer, click on the arrow to open the Business Partner document.
  • To enable the Tool Tip feature, navigate to:
  • Modules > Administration > System Implementation > Tooltips Preview
  • Ensure Tooltip Preview is enabled by checking the box and selecting Update.
  • Returning to the marketing document in SAP and hovering over the arrow, information related to the field is displayed.