Transform Your E-Commerce Business by Integrating ERP Software

Your central business is e-commerce. You have moved past the point of being a start-up and have healthy growth. However, your business practices may not have moved beyond the start-up phase. The solution? Integrating ERP software with your e-commerce business will help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently.
Let’s first address a common misconception about enterprise resource planning software. Many think it is only useful for internal business processes. They’re wrong. An ERP system has the ability to integrate with customer-facing activities, and it does it quite well.

Four Ways an ERP System Boosts E-Commerce Companies

Here are four proven ways an ERP system can transform how you manage your e-commerce business:

  • Real-Time Inventory Control – Trying to manage your inventory manually while orders are coming in is extremely frustrating and ultimately a losing battle. With an integrated ERP for inventory control, you go from frustration to real-time updates. And that will transform your customer’s experience, as well as the way you manage your business.

Your customers can get real-time updates if a product is out of stock. This helps prevent frustration and protect your reputation.

  • Real-time Sales Figures – An integrated ERP solution will update your records when a customer makes a purchase. That means you can run a report to show you how much revenue came in during any given period. It can show you what products are the best sellers and those that have not gained traction.

This avoids the need to do manual updates and always having your reporting behind. Real-time sales figures will transform the way you do business.

  • Automatic Status Updates for Customers – Customers like to know the status of their orders. Some get very anxious and want constant updates. If you are handling orders manually, you will have a stream of emails or phone calls asking you what’s the status.

With an ERP software that tracks order status, you can give customers automatic status updates via the website or emails. This frees you and your staff for other things.

  • Ability to Scale According to Customer Demand – You can automate a lot of your e-commerce with an ERP system. That means your business can grow without the need to hire new team members to handle manual processes. This keeps overhead costs down, which improves your profit margins.

The capability is also important to companies that deal with seasonal spikes. It allows you to handle large spikes in business with minimal efforts.

If your e-commerce business is growing, your business solutions need to grow with it. Contact us at Michell Consulting Group. We have ERP software solutions that will take your company to the next level.