MCG University

Managing Two-Factor Authentication

In this course of MCG University, we walk through how you can quickly manage your Two-Factor Authentication settings. We show you how you can get this done through the Microsoft 365 Portal. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) allows you to secure your account and verify your sign-in. The video demonstrates how you can add a new method to authenticate by signing out of accounts if you misplace your device or adding a replacement phone to your account. If you are a system administrator and are trying to implement 2FA for your organization, we can help.

Getting Started

  1. Sign Into the Office 365 Portal
  2. Navigate to

Security Information

  1. On the top right side select the profile picture
  2. Click View Account
  3. Select Security Info > Update Info

Change Option

  1. The Change Option allows you to choose what method you want to be prompted with

Add Method

  1. Add Method lets you add another method to authentication

Wrapping Up

  1. Sign out everywhere” allows you to sign out of any devices that have your account connected to them