MCG University

SAP Business One UI Templates

In this course of MCG University, we will show you how to work with UI Templates in SAP Business One. This session teaches you how to create a template view and how to share to users, how to add a specific document and make changes, how to assign the template to users or user groups, and how to view the form and associated changes.

Creating Template View

  1. Select a Document to change the UI Template for and navigate to Modules > Sales A/R >A/R Invoice
  2. Open any existing document to check the fields that you would like to change the look and feel for
  3. Navigate to Modules > Administration > Utilities > UI Configuration Template
  4. Once the configuration template window is open, the list of pre-configured forms that are already part of the system will appear
  5. To create a new template, navigate to the top left-hand side of SAP and click Add
  6. Type in Name and Description for the new Template to be created
  7. Click Add

Editing the Form UI

  1. Let us select the A/R Invoice form from the drop-down list to add the form to the new template
  2. Click Update
  3. To make the desired changes, highlight the form and select Edit Form UI
  4. This will bring up the document in Edit Mode

Editing the Form UI Continued

  1. In Edit Mode, we will have the ability to make any desired changes.
  2. You can drag and drop any fields to different places and order them to the desired positions within the A/R Invoice Form
  3. The Drag and Drop functionality would be available to move any fields from the tabs or from the tab to the header section
  4. This tool is also available for user-defined fields within the form

Additional options are available, ie. hiding a field so no one would be able to see its data or disable a field which would allow the users to see the field content but not to modify it

These options would be seen by Right Mouse Clicking the desired field

Wrapping Up

  1. Once all desired changes have been made, Right Click on the form and click Save
  2. Until this point, the changes to the UI have been saved but would not affect anybody in the system
  3. To assign the new template to users, navigate to the next tab within the UI Configuration Template and click Assigned Users
  4. Assign each user by clicking the check box next to them
  5. Once the users have been chosen, click Update to save the changes