MCG University

Using Microsoft Snipping Tool

In this course of MCG University, we walk through some new tips and tricks in Microsoft Snipping Tool. This session takes a closer look at Snipping Tool, from taking a screenshot, sharing screenshots, setting a path to save or discard screenshots, and the multiple functionalities to trim, browse, and edit all history screenshots. Lastly, we take a brief look at the new version of the Microsoft Snipping tool named Snip & Sketch.

Getting Started in Snipping Tool

  1. Start Button > Type “Snip” > Select Snipping Tool
  2. Right Click > Pin to Taskbar (Easier Access)

Opening Snipping Tool

  1. Open Snipping tool > Select New
  2. Click and Drag to select what you will screenshot

Options within Snipping Tool

  1. Allows you to save Image
  2. Copies to your clipboard
  3. Open Email Client
  4. Allows for highlighting of items or markings

Delaying Screen shot in Snipping Tool

  1. Select Delay>Select 5 seconds

Different Modes in Snipping Tool

  1. Freeform Snip
  2. Rectangular Snip
  3. Window Snip
  4. Full-Screen Snip