WatchGuard Announces Fireware XTM and WSM v11.6

WatchGuard Announces Fireware XTM and WSM v11.6

Available for All XTM Appliances

WatchGuard is excited to announce the general release of Fireware XTM and WatchGuard System Manager v11.6, which contains significant enhancements to many feature areas within our XTM software.

You can install Fireware XTM OS v11.6 on any WatchGuard XTM device, including 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 8 Series, XTM 1050 and 2050 devices, and with any edition of XTMv. The new features, enhancements, and bug fixes included in this release have been carefully chosen to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of all XTM devices.

Some of Fireware XTM 11.6’s new features and enhancements include:

  • SSO for Citrix and Terminal Services. Fireware XTM 11.6 has been updated to provide single sign-on so that users coming through Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Terminal Services environments don’t require any additional authentication steps.
  • Authentication improvements. WatchGuard user authentication page has been updated to support smart phones (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile), enabling mobile users to be identified for use in policy management and reporting.
  • Updated in-the-cloud services. Reputation Enabled Defense, the powerful cloud-based URL reputation service that protects web users from malicious web pages, has been updated to include new phishing and malware information feeds from PhishTank and MalwareDomainList.
  • Scalability and performance. Firewall throughput has been increased on all XTM 5 and 8 Series models, by as much as 50 percent in some cases.
  • Compliance reporting in Report Manager. Report Manager has been updated to include a dashboard and a single set of reports for both PCI and HIPAA. It now provides easy one-click access to information needed for compliance requirements.
  • Increased VLANs.The number of VLANs on XTM 3, 5, and 8 Series platforms has been increased.
  • VPN diagnosis improvements. Fireware XTM 11.6 provides new diagnostic capabilities that help users to troubleshoot VPN interoperability and
  • connectivity issues.
  • Auto redirection page improvements. User authentication auto redirect page can be configured to point to a specified hostname, enabling customers to use commercial CA signed certificates for users.
  • Automatic WebBlocker database updates. WebBlocker URL database updates are scheduled to occur automatically every 24 hours, avoiding the need to set up a scheduled task.
  • IPSec Pass-through improvements. IPSec Pass-through works with Static NAT, enabling branch office tunnels to be built from remote sites to routers behind the WatchGuard firewall.
  • Preview of policy enhancements. Fireware XTM 11.6 introduces a preview in the Web UI of new tools to help simplify the understanding and maintenance of policies as defined on the firewall.
    • On-line Policy Checker. Helps to quickly simulate and understand how traffic is handled through the firewall. Users can enter IP address and port combinations to determine which firewall rule is triggered and whether traffic will be allowed.
    • Graphical representation and print option for configuration. Easy-to-read and simple-to-print policy view of the Fireware XTM configuration is useful for sharing with management.
    • Authentication Server Connection Tool. Test and diagnose Active Directory and LDAP connections and verify group membership information.

In addition to the features and enhancements listed above, 11.6 also includes numerous smaller enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements to the product based on customer feedback. If you manage an XTM appliance, we recommend you download and install 11.6 to enjoy its new features and increased stability.

Does This Release Pertain to Me?

Fireware XTM 11.6 is a feature release that also includes many other improvements If you have any XTM Series appliance and wish to take advantage of the enhancements listed above, or those mentioned in the Release Notes, you should consider upgrading to version 11.6. Please read the Release Notes before you upgrade, to understand what’s involved. As always, the Release Notes contain a comprehensive list of fixed bugs and current known issues. Administrators that use both PPPoE connections and Multi-WAN together should pay special attention to a known issue related to this configuration.

How Do I Get the Release?

XTM appliances owners who have a current LiveSecurity Service subscription can obtain this update without additional charge by downloading the applicable packages from the Articles & Support section of WatchGuard’s Support Center. To make it easier to find the relevant software, be sure to uncheck the “Article” and “Known Issue” search options, and press the Go button. Fireware XTM 11.6 is an XTM Series-only release, and does not work on e-Series appliances. If you need support, please enter a support incident online or call our support staff directly. (When you contact Technical Support, please have your registered Product Serial Number, LiveSecurity Key, or Partner ID available.)

U.S. End Users: 877.232.3531
International End Users: +1.206.613.0456

Authorized WatchGuard Resellers: +1.206.521.8375