What are the Bad Actors (Hackers) Doing Now

The phrase “knowledge is power” is used a lot, but in regard to your cybersecurity, it is more relevant than ever.

In this video, I will discuss what the bad actors, the industry term for hackers, are doing now to gain access to your data and network.

Many owners and C-level executives tend to avoid their Cybersecurity and leave it to their IT team, but that is a mistake.

Firstly, your IT team should not be doing your Cybersecurity. You should have a dedicated cybersecurity team.

Beyond that, it is crucial that you, as the person ultimately responsible for the business, should have basic knowledge of what these bad actors are trying to do. Understanding their motive is the only way to ensure that your data and network are protected.

In the video, I will discuss three ways that these bad actors are trying to access your data and network. Once you understand a little bit more about what they are trying to do, you will be able to ask your team “What are we doing to avoid getting phished.” In 2019, a study by CyberCrime Magazine revealed that 60% of small businesses that got hacked went out of business within six months.

Do not fall victim to this! Educate yourself so you can ensure your Cybersecurity is where it needs to be.

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