Why You Need IT Support in Miami for Your Growing IT Needs

IT support firms in Miami can tell you that the information technology landscape is highly complex and rapidly changing. To properly manage it, you need a staff of specialists who have the depth of knowledge and training to keep up and get ahead. Simply put, you need more than one generalist to manage it all.
This puts small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in a quandary. They don’t have the capital to hire a full IT staff, but they need that type of expertise to move their business forward.

The Complexities of the IT Landscape

For non-technical people, IT can seem like a simple world that involves computers and a few cables. Why would you need more than one IT person to manage it in a small business? The reality of the IT landscape is much more complex. Here is a partial list of IT tasks needed in most companies, no matter their size:

  • Providing user support for hardware and software
  • Managing security needs on the network, email, software and hardware levels
  • Setting up, administrating and troubleshooting network problems
  • Designing the IT infrastructure
  • Integrating systems so they work together
  • Installing, upgrading and maintaining hardware and software
  • Doing system audits
  • Tracking and managing licensing
  • Communicating IT needs to management and employees
  • Defining and implementing strategic plans for IT
  • Participating in business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Implementing and enforcing IT policies
  • Participating in and managing projects
  • Overseeing the full lifecycle of technical activities
  • Training new employees on IT policy and applications

Trying to have one or two people manage all these items in a proactive manner is too much. The solution? Hire an MSP that offers IT support solutions in Miami.

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for managed service provider. This third-party vendor manages a company’s IT assets for them. The services provided by the MSP are proactive in nature. They monitor the entire network for problems and take actions to keep systems in good working order. They are there to handle any problems that occur, 24/7. In contrast, other IT providers only react to problems that have already occurred.

How Can an MSP Help?

An MSP has a full IT staff ready to help clients with all their technology needs. They offer a broad, deep expertise only seen in most Fortune 500 companies. By placing your company’s technology needs with an MSP, you get this full staff without the big price tag. It allows you to scale your business, increase efficiency, and manage your IT needs.

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