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Buyers Guide: Choosing the Right SAP Business One Partner

Business One is a highly respected and widely adopted ERP solution used by thousands of SMB-sized businesses to manage operations and streamline processes between departments. It adds efficiency and value to the company while also improving customer relations and operational efficiency.

Before choosing ERP software, companies should strongly consider the ecosystem and support options available. There are dozens of SAP Business One partners to choose from, and they vary in terms of quality and available resources.

SAP PartnerEdge Program

SAP Business One offers the PartnerEdge program in four flavors. Companies that want to help businesses find and implement the right ERP solution can use this program to focus on the area best suited to their expertise. The four choices are:

Build - The build model is perfect for OEMs or software developers looking to extend SAP functionality with their own offerings. The program helps these companies to design solutions, integrate their apps with SAP B1, and market them to customers.

Sell - The sell model focuses on resellers or value-added resellers (VARs) who want to resell SAP (both on-premises or cloud-based), implement solutions, and support customers anywhere during the lifecycle of the software.

Service - SAP consultants, systems integrators, or service partners are best suited to the service model. The service partner program supports providers in their endeavors to assist clients with system design, business consulting, strategic planning, and overall software integration of SAP into their current operations.

Run - The run model is for hosting partners that want to offer a branded SAP solution installed on their own private or public cloud. In addition, these partners can enhance the offering with their own integrations or add-on solutions.

If you are considering SAP Business One for your business it's likely you'll want to partner with an authorized SAP Business One partner that is able to help you both with the licensing and the implementation services. 

The Benefits of Working with a SAP Business One Partner

Working with a SAP Business One partner offers you a lot of benefits that are worth considering.

SAP Licensing & Pricing

The SAP B1 pricing model / product matrix can be confusing, and one of the many benefits of working with a SAP Business One partner is that they can help you choose the licensing and deployment options that best fit your company goals and objectives. By putting together a customized solution for your business, you will save money and won't pay for software and services you don't need.

Your selected SAP Business One partner will get to know your business intimately and help you decide what components work best for your industry. They can also offer proof of concept demos so you can see first hand how the application can solve some of  your biggest challenges.

SAP Business One partners can/do offer different types of price incentives and concessions to their prospective clients along with various software and service bundles.

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SAP Expertise and Experience

SAP resellers have deep knowledge from implementing ERP solutions within different industries. As a result, they can help you customize your SAP B1 solution specifically for your needs, industry, and budget.

Due to their vast experience, they can leverage the power of proven implementation methodology that have worked well with other clients to get you the best-streamlined solution quickly. You can save a lot of time, money and headache using a trusted SAP Business One partner that has experience with your type of business.

Regulations and Compliance

Another valuable benefit of relying on a SAP Business One partner is they can ensure that your SAP B1 implementation covers you for statutory regulations to avoid any compliance issues down the road.

SAP Business One Extensibility

Many partners offer other services that complement your SAP implementation. For example, some providers provide integration solutions (e.g. EDI or E-Commerce) that may be required depending upon the type of business you are in. If your company requires extensive customization, it makes sense to partner with a reseller who can offer you the entire package as one solution. 

Customized Training

If you are new to ERP solutions, you should understand that systems of this magnitude require extensive training for those using them. SAP providers may offer you training packages along with your licensing. In addition, many can provide online training materials, on-site instruction, and a vast library of tutorials and support resources. You may also have access to a chat or forum knowledge base for additional training options.

Keep in mind not everyone learns the same way. For example, some of your people may require visual aids to understand the system; others may be auditory learners. SAP B1 partners can offer your business customized training that gets you the information you need to have a successful implementation.

Often lack of employee buy-in or resistance can thwart a successful migration. Your provider can find helpful ways to motivate and inspire your entire team to get on board and move forward in a positive manner as they learn how the system can benefit everyone and improve their individual jobs.

Optimization and Support

SAP Business One providers know the ins and outs of the system and will find ways to optimize system efficiency and your individual company processes. They may offer suggestions about how best to store data, handle data entry of specific information, and how to organize things to best suit your needs.

Support is essential to consider when partnering with SAP resellers. Although you can contact SAP directly, with a partner you will have a personal relationship with your representative and can reach out with any questions or problems at any time. They are highly trained and skilled to quickly solve issues and get you back up and running smoothly for peak efficiency.

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Should You Work with a SAP Business One Partner?

Every company considering SAP Business One must decide which partner they should consider for their ERP implementation. Some things to ask yourself before embarking on that journey are:

  1. SAP works great with some industries; is your company in one of them?
  2. How complex are your company processes, and how hard will it be to move to a new ERP solution?
  3. What is your plan for migrating to new software?
  4. Are your business processes rigid due to industry requirements or can you adopt leading best practices?

When considering whether you need the services of a SAP Business One professional, think about the scenarios below. If they resonate with you, finding a partner you can work with probably makes sense.

You need help negotiating an ERP contract. If you have never implemented an ERP solution, you will probably need some guidance along the way to help choose the right configuration and save money. 

Flexibility in terms of payment options and billing is another consideration. For example, instead of paying upfront for your total commitment, you may be able to pay in installments that help with cash flow as you grow into the system.

How to Find the Right SAP Partner for your ERP Solution

Finding the right SAP partner for your ERP project is an important task. There are many providers available that offer similar solutions in different regions and offer various skill levels and areas of expertise.

As part of your strategic plan, you should find out all you can about the partner you want to work with and find one that aligns with your company goals and culture.

Mitchell Consulting Group offers bundled IT and SAP ERP Solutions. They operate in multiple industries and specialize in SAP ERP consulting to help with everything from IT infrastructure to software development and cloud solutions, including SAP Business One ERP.

They offer best-in-class service with a unique ERP/IT solution. To learn more about whether Mitchell Consulting is a good fit for your business, contact them today.

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