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SAP Business One Pricing Explained

SAP Business One is a leading ERP software designed to give SMBs and mid-sized businesses the capabilities they need to run their business in the modern era. In this guide, we'll cover the different types of user licenses available and explain the SAP Business One pricing structure.

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SAP Business One Licensing and Implementation Cost:
An In-Depth Analysis

Navigating the complexities of licensing and implementing SAP Business One ERP can be a daunting task. With numerous factors to consider, such as:

  • Hosting options
  • Database preference
  • Integrations
  • Customization
  • Support and training
  • Data migration

The cost of licensing and implementing SAP Business One can be difficult to determine. That's where Michell Consulting Group comes in. Their experts will guide you through the ins and outs of SAP Business One software licensing and implementation, ensuring that you fully understand the costs involved.

To get started, take advantage of the free online SAP Business One readiness assessment offered by Michell Consulting Group. This assessment will help you uncover the actual price to license and implement SAP Business One, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

SAP Business One Professional Licenses

The SAP Business One Professional license, commonly referred to as the "full" user license, offers complete access to all the native modules and features of SAP Business One. This license includes the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides additional resources and tools for customizing and expanding the software.

There are two options for obtaining a Professional license:

  • Perpetual software license: Pay a one-time fee of $3,213 per named user for the software and an annual maintenance fee of 20% to receive updates, bug fixes, and support services.
  • Subscription: Pay a monthly fee of $108 per user and do not incur any additional maintenance costs.

SAP Business One Limited Licenses

For those who do not need full access to SAP Business One, limited access can be provided through a Limited User license. This license grants partial access to a subset of functionality within three functional areas:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Logistics

Compared to the Professional license, the Limited User license is more cost-effective. There are two options for obtaining a Limited User license:

  • Perpetual license: Pay a one-time fee of $1,666 per named user, along with a yearly maintenance fee of 20% to receive updates, bug fixes, and support services.
  • Subscription: Pay a monthly fee of $56 per user, without any additional maintenance fees.

Other SAP Business One License Types

While most users opt for either a Professional or Limited User license, there are other SAP Business One license types to consider, such as:

  • SAP Business One Starter Package: For businesses that require fewer than five user licenses and are just starting out with SAP Business One.
  • Mobile app licenses: Designed for organizations with employees who work in the field and require access to Business One.
  • Third-party integration licenses: For companies that need to connect third-party software applications to SAP Business One data.

SAP Business One Implementation Cost

Are you considering implementing SAP Business One ERP for your business, but worried about the cost? We understand - cost is a major concern for many businesses considering implementing a SAP ERP. But the good news is, by understanding what's included in SAP Business One implementation costs and how they're calculated, you can make an informed decision and plan your budget accordingly.

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Factors that Affect SAP Business One Pricing and Implementation Costs

The cost of implementing SAP Business One ERP can vary widely depending on several factors. These include the size and complexity of your organization, the number of users who will need access to the system, the level of customization required, the amount of data that needs to be migrated, and the need for additional hardware or software (for on-premise solutions). Each of these factors can impact the overall SAP Business One pricing and implementation costs, so it's important to carefully consider your organization's specific needs before making any decisions.

What's Included in SAP Business One Pricing and Implementation Costs

When it comes to SAP Business One pricing and implementation costs, there are several components to consider. These typically include:

  • Software licensing fees: As mentioned earlier, SAP Business One offers both perpetual and subscription-based licensing options for Professional and Limited User licenses.
  • Implementation services: These can include project management, installation, configuration, and training provided by an authorized SAP Business One partner.
  • Customization and development: If your organization requires specific customizations or additional functionality, development costs may be incurred.
  • Data migration and end user testing: Transferring existing data from your current system to SAP Business One and ensuring proper testing to verify data accuracy.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Annual or monthly fees for ongoing technical support, software updates, and bug fixes.

By understanding what's included in these costs, you can get a better sense of what your investment will cover and how much you can expect to pay.

How SAP Business One Implementation Costs are Calculated

SAP Business One implementation costs are typically calculated on a per-user basis, with the total cost varying depending on the factors outlined above. To give you an idea of what this might look like, let's consider a hypothetical business with 50 users. Assuming a moderate level of customization and data migration, as well as ongoing support and maintenance, the total cost of a SAP Business One ERP implementation might range from $50,000 to $100,000. Keep in mind, however, that every business is unique, so it's important to speak with an authorized SAP Business One implementation partner to get a more accurate estimate of your specific costs.



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