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Remote Desktop & Onsite IT Support

Machines can be your best ally to achieve success or they can destroy everything you’ve ever worked for. We combine remote and personal onsite IT support to keep your business operations alive and thriving at all times.

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Limitless Onsite Emergency Support

True IT support happens when people and machines work proactively to keep your business future secure. We monitor your network on a daily basis but we all know things happen! We’ll be there when you need us for those unexpected situations.

IT Team Collaboration

Does your internal IT team just need some backup in handling your machines? Our support team can work with your in-house IT department to take some things off their hands to make sure your projects are completed on time!

Limitless Remote Desktop Support

We’re armed with 100 combined certifications to support and monitor your functionalities and communications without rest. It’s our secret weapon to keep the pulse of your business beating!

IT Projects

Got a side mission that you want us to take on? We’ll send in the IT troops to handle any IT project you can think of!

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning or ERP enhances the flow of your business and improves your outlook on its future. We arm ourselves with industry leading software that sets the tone for your profitability, productivity, and growth. While other ERP solution providers only suggest using ERP software they’re comfortable with, we give you multiple ERP solution choices and help you choose the solution that best fit YOUR business needs. After an easy set-up, we’ll secure your whole operation with:

SAP Business One

A business management solution that fully integrates into your business’ sales, finance, purchasing, inventory, and customer relationship management application. This solution will reflect what’s working well and what needs adjustments for healthier business workflows.


Manage all your general ledgers, accounts payable, and accounts receivable in one place.

Sales Numbers

Track trends in your sales to find new opportunities to increase revenue or cut losses.


Manage your orders for raw materials in a complete order-to-pay cycle.


Manage customer contacts to always stay in sync with your clients.

SAP Hana

A SAP Business One required feature that consolidates your database into one accessible data management platform. Now your data will be in one place so you won’t have to sift through multiple databases for information. You’ll gain deep insights on how to strengthen your profitability and efficiency.


Distribution management software that gives you control over your distribution’s efficiency, accuracy, and convenience. You’ll be able to maximize your resources availability and deliver the high-level service that your customers deserve.

Infor Distribution SX.e

A powerful solution that integrates expense management, supply, and demand planning into one manageable application.

Infor Distribution FACTS

A solution that helps your operations meet pressures across multiple industries by automating processes and 24/7 eCommerce transaction support.

IT Solutions & Enterprise Resource Planning to Kill Inefficiency

Like your body depends on strong blood circulation, the body of your business depends on your operational efficiency, costs, and sales opportunities. The right technology doesn’t rest – making your business profitable while killing its inefficiencies. Our combination of IT support and enterprise resource planning (ERP) will allow you to harness the power of this productivity and enhance your customer engagement. Since 1999, we’ve helped hundred of Miami businesses gain increased profitability and relieved their complex business pains.

Our main warehouse offices burnt down along with the entire computer system. Ricardo Michell was here that same morning problem solving with staff and installing new hardware in an adjacent warehouse that allowed us not to have to close our business. Medina Baking Products is grateful to the entire team at MCG and look forward to doing business with them for many more years.

Robert Martin | President

Medina Baking & Powder Products
The Michell Team provided us with a world-class system, more importantly, (they were) the business expertise and experience they brought to us. The implementation process was smooth, on time, and on budget; furthermore helping our company to streamline processes, improve customer service and distribute our products more efficiently.

Priscilla Cha Fong | Controller

Kingston-Miami Trading Co.
I feel that they are like a family who is always there when you need them. When we call with any questions, they are always quick to reply and solve our concerns within the first day. Reliability has never been an issue. With this recommended system we have been able to reach our goals… Michell Consulting has allowed us to exceed our expectations by increasing our productivity and performance.

Marilyn Vazquez | President

High Top Products

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